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Media Kit

"IMR", basically is a website to promote "Indian Bands" of any genre with no  language barrier thorough it's web promotion. Every week "IMR" features one new band with all the detailed information(About The Band,Member's Crib,Audios/Videos,Images,Achievemnts) on their website. This detailed band featuring enables event managers to collect data of the local bands from their circuit for orgainizing gigs and events. The USP of the website is that the IMR team is the whole and sole for everything(Founders,Technical Department,Publishers) and this helps us to know what the scene really is and work accordingly. "The main motive behind setting up this project was to provide ease to the music addicts, so that they do not have to slog for their favorite music". "IMR" never thought of being commercial beacuse of the love we had for our music and that is the reason why most of our users are still happy to browse through our website without any adds and pop-ups. "The concept of "IMR" is totally different from rest of the musical website running down for the same cause, its a muti-tasking project with all the advanced system/framework technologies". Since, the time "IMR" came into picture, the main goal of this project has been in taking "Indian Rock and Metal" music to the next level.  

click How do we help our Users:
"IMR" as a whole is dedicated for our users.

*Unregistered Members(Limited features) :
1) Watch/Listen tracks thorugh streaming on the front page.
2) Read news,album reviews, band interviews etc.
3) For our "Horn'ok'Please" section users can contribute with their articles.

*Registered Members(All the possible features) :
1) Download songs from the Media Library.
2) Download wallpapers,images(bands/events) from the Image Gallery.
3) Create topics and reply on Forum.
How do we help our Bands:
The first and the foremost thing that "IMR" does is that we give equal importance to all the bands, whether it may be a mainstream/underground band.

Doxycycline Prescription Price Band Featuring Contents:
1)About The Band : This section includes a complete detailed information about the band.
2)Member's Crib : This is an interesting section, which you won't find in any of the website running for the same cause. This inlcudes complete details about the band member's, which the fan's die to search thorugh the web.
3)Audios/Videos : This section includes a personal player(audio/video) for the band.
4)Images : A must visit place where bands can put their images for download.
5)Discography : A place where bands can put all their information about their albums.
6)Achievements : A place totally dedicated for bands respect. Here, they can put all their past achievements such as pictures, newspaper cuttings etc.

On April 17, 2007 "IndianMusicRevolution" announced its non-commercial launch mainly for the promotion of the underground bands present around all 4 zones of India. The project was started by the two maniac's having great enthusiasm towards music from western shore's of"Mumbai", "Ajit Bohra" and "Pravin Prajapati". We are "IMR", we are a team that has its core members in their teen and early tween ages, our only mission is to take Indian music to the fore as Indians are no less in talent but are not able to come up to the surface for the want of a proper platform, while the TV channels convert a less popular band into a popular one for money and TRP’s, we try to surface bands that no one has heard about, and we do not do it for money but for our love for music.

IMR is the brain child of Ajit and Pravin and later Mahesh added in, Pravin wanted to jumpstart with a band of his own but taking initiative comes with its share of problems, with less than average pocket money and below than average locality (its called Bhayander), to start a band with own equipments seemed to be a distinct dream rather. Same place, same time, Ajit a student post T.Y.Bcom was in his odyssey years still not knowing what he was sent on earth for. Pravin often met Ajit and discussed about music, its genre, pedigree et al, and only after much R&D it appeared that making a website was obvious, considering pravins knowledge and Ajit the techie. A website to support only indian bands be it of any genre, a much suppressed topic. Now that the purpose was ready we only required a name befitting it, R&D again, and it was named “ "(IMR), but every rose comes thorns and things still weren't easy. They were considered a pair of ' nincompoops', and still making moolah0 has never been their prerogative, and finally things looked on the other side of down, and they came up and how’? Like a beanstalk itself and still growing

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click here During the course of his studies, Ajit got inclined towards technology, development, graphic designing and channelised his skills in laying down the foundation of IMR. A sufi rock lover by heart and admirer of the rock and fusion scene of India believes in the potential of the underground bands. Spends most of his time in innovation and research and in the spare time loves playing guitar and explore new stuff in the Indian and Pakistan underground music circuit.

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follow We are a creative crew comprising of mainly music enthusiasts with an ultimate objective of making the music scene a much more better place for everyone. IMR is a place where we realize our passion; our reason for existence and not just a mere workplace.

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