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Logo & Button IndianMusicrevolution Logos:

For any Website or Publication, use the following official IndianMusicRevolution logos.
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IndianMusicRevolution Buttons:

Adorn your Website with these attractive IndianMusicRevolution butons.




The letters of the words IndianMusicRevolution should be used keeping I,M & R as capital in Hotel Coral Essex font.

The IndianMusicRevolution logo is as follows:

Colour Combinations:

The IndianMusicRevolution logos should always be used either in black color with white background or in white color with black background.


Tagline: "Unleashing The Underground".
The tagline must be in title case when used for ,websites,headlines,advertisements,brochures,footers etc.

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During the course of his studies, Ajit got inclined towards technology, development, graphic designing and channelised his skills in laying down the foundation of IMR. A sufi rock lover by heart and admirer of the rock and fusion scene of India believes in the potential of the underground bands. Spends most of his time in innovation and research and in the spare time loves playing guitar and explore new stuff in the Indian and Pakistan underground music circuit.

Our Services

We are a creative crew comprising of mainly music enthusiasts with an ultimate objective of making the music scene a much more better place for everyone. IMR is a place where we realize our passion; our reason for existence and not just a mere workplace.

However, you can collaborate with us and you can anticipate some passably great things!

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