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Parikrama-The Indian Gods Of Rock & Roll!

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Parikrama Interview IMR 2014

22 years- this is how long Parikrama has been carrying the flag of Rock music in India. They have seen the industry inside and out. To commemorate this long and eventful journey, the band recently embarked on a multi city Parikrama @ 22 Tour. In Indore for their gig, IMR had an insightful chat with Subir Malik, Keyboard player and manager for the band, on all things Parikrama.    


Indian Rock Band Endorse Trinity College London’s New Rock & Pop Exams

Parikrama Trinity College London 2012

Legendary Indian Rock band Parikrama have endorsed the groundbreaking new Rock & Pop exams from leading music exam board Trinity College London. The band, which plays Classic Rock music fused with Indian instruments and have been around for 20 years, will perform at a Showcase Rock & Pop Event in Mumbai on 2nd June, at the PALM Expo, at the NSE Grounds, Goregaon. Additional concerts will be held in other parts of the country during the course of the year.



MENWHOPAUSE is a Delhi based five member outfit that was formed in 2001 by Anup Kutty, who also happens to be the former editor of the Indian edition of an International Men's Magazine. One of the first bands to distribute their music for free over the internet, MENWHOPAUSE is currently one of the premier bands of the country. One EP and two successful albums old, this Alternative Rock band is the only one till now that has been sponsored by ICCR, the cultural wing of the Government of India, to perform at Ausin, Texas, in the prestigious SXSW Festival, where they were invited to perform, which also made them the first Indian Rock band to get this honour.


Mrigya-The Compostition Of World Harmony

If you had ever thought about Fusion music losing track nowadays, with so many bands mushrooming out of nowhere, claiming to be flagbearers of Fusion music, you are recommended to give a listen to this musical masterpiece from MRIGYA, a premier and prodigious six-piece Fusion band from Delhi. What they bring out in their debut album, THE COMPOSITION OF WORLD HARMONY, is genuine expertise over the various aspects of Hindustani Classical and Sufi music, blended with the abstractness of Jazz and Blues, Latin, Rock etc.


Passing Thoughts

Passing Thought

These are the lines that come to my mind when i think about the scenario of Indian Rock/Metal music in my very own motherland India. What started as a rebellion of rebels has come to a phase of enlightenment, something that you don't imitate or get carried away when others do it. It is something that is less materialistic more realistic and not a sorry or angry state of mind, and since it is true it follows the laws of nature.

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