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Caesars Of The Green-You've Seen As I've Made You(E.P)

New Delhi has always been the home of quality independent Rock outfits that have defined Indian Rock Music for a long time starting with legendary acts like Indian Ocean, Parikrama, etc. What has struck me personally about bands from this part of the country is their inclination to experiment with different sounds, global and local, not worrying much about the acceptability of their music among the fans. A very very new entrant to the scene, and a potential bigwig is this four-piece Indie Rock outfit formed in 2011 recognized as Caesars Of The Green. Their brand of Britrock/Pop influenced Indie Rock, brought out in their debut E.P, You've Seen As I've Made You sounded very refreshing to me and I'm sure it will sound good to anyone who listens to their music.


Raghu Dixit-Self Titled(Debut Album)

Raghu Dixit Project, an initiative of one of the most talented musicians India is seeing at the present, is one of the best bands India has churned out in the recent past. Making music that will definitely rouse one's soul through its ethnicity, dream-inciting lyrics, its rawness and simplicity, Raghu Dixit is surely doing his part in keeping the flag of Indian Rock  flying high. Clad in ethnic wear, specifically lungis, their dynamic onstage presence trebled with their onstage jamming, blend of blues into their Folk-inspired-Rock Music, and Raghu Dixit's inimitable vocals, this gem of a band has a long way ahead of them to march along, leading a new young generation of listeners to a new India, where we expect more such kind of music, rooted to the soil of the nation, defying physical boundaries.


Passing Thoughts

Passing Thought

These are the lines that come to my mind when i think about the scenario of Indian Rock/Metal music in my very own motherland India. What started as a rebellion of rebels has come to a phase of enlightenment, something that you don't imitate or get carried away when others do it. It is something that is less materialistic more realistic and not a sorry or angry state of mind, and since it is true it follows the laws of nature.

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