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Hammerhead: Insane Generation Out Now

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Death/Thrash Metal band HAMMERHEAD from Guwahati, Assam recently released their debut E.P entitled INSANE GENERATION on 1st November 2010. To hear how they sound, you can also head onto their Reverbnation page to listen to their single DEPTH OF DESPAIR.


Lucid Recess-Interview(On Album Launch)

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cheapest tadacip 20mg IMR: Howdy LUCID RECESS and congratulations for the release of your full-length album ENGRAVED INVITATION! Also, one thing that I would really like to know is that, it had been almost three years since your last E.P was released, any significant reason behind the band being calm on the musical scene or maybe I am wrong?
Hello IMR and thanks for having us here. Well after we released our EP in Dec 2007, we didn’t consider making another album for a while. We wanted people to know about us before we released another album. We weren’t exactly calm; we did quite a lot of shows and played at some major festivals during that time. We also opened our studio for good and recorded a lot of bands during this time. It was only in early 2009 that we thought of making a second record and we planned on having it done by the mid of 09, but couldn’t because we had to wait for a long time for some of the equipments to arrive, which we used on the album. So finally on 26th April, we released our first full length album.

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