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Exhumed Unleashes New Album Title

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Grindcore/Death Metal band from USA are currently recording new material for the bands upcoming album entitled ALL GUTS, NO GLORY at ARCANE DIGITAL REOCRDING, Arizona with engineer Ryan Butler since their first full-length album ANATOMY IS DESTINY which was released in the year 2003. Mixing and mastering will be handled by Brian Elliott at MANA RECORDING STUDIOS(GOATWHORE, NILE).


Interview With Skrypt(Abbas Razvi)

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IMR: Hello Abbas! Thanks for doing this interview with IndianMusicRevolution. Since this is your first interview with us, could you briefly introduce the band and its members? A short history, so to speak, to get our readers up to speed with SKRYPT!
Abbas Razvi(SKRYPT):
Hey. Well SKRYPT was formed when Scenic and Ramya met up with Rajiv and Akhil in December 2006. They started jamming and were looking out for a bassist. I moved to India from New Zealand in May 2007 and by June 2007 Scenic got in touch with me and I was in the band. We played our first gig in July 2007 and things have been getting better since then. After about 3-4 months of being together we won competitions like YOUTHOPIA and CAMPUS ROCK IDOLS(Hyderabad). Been gigging hard since then and have played over 30 gigs now. We have had a couple of lineup changes in the 2nd guitarist department. Our current lineup is – Scenic G: Vocals, Ramya Rao: Guitars, Ravi N: Guitars, Abbas Razvi: Bass, Rajiv Kumar: Drums. Ex-members: Akhil Kodamanchili: Guitars (ALMOST SEPTEMBER) & Joel K: Guitars(WRECKAGE)


Annotations Of An Autopsy Updates

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UK death metal band ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY recently finished recording their next full-length, titled THE REIGN OF DARKNESS. The effort will be mixed by Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL) later this month and will hit stores in early-2010 via NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS.


Age Of Agony-Follow The Way Of Hate

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FOLLOW THE WAY OF HATE by AGE OF AGONY a HUNGARIAN band, I must say is a good and well composed album from the OLD SCHOOL DEATH METALLERS after their first release WAR,HATE and BLASPHEMY somewhere in 2005. The band really looks very serious with their music and have evolved throughout their musical career. With their recent release you cannot expect more neither less from the band, the band knows what they are capable of and what they can deliver to their fans and works accordingly.


3rd Sovereign-Horrified Vision


Horrified Vision








RATING :: 6/10



"3rd SOVEREIGN" the first time when I heard about this band in the year 2002-2003, I was just tremored to know that the corpses belonged to our motherland. Conquering, every battle in the north ,the Indian Death Metal heroes had arrived with their uncompromising brutal 12 minutes hatred filled E.P called "HORRIFIED VISION" to affect the mortal souls with disgust.

Let me freshen you up with the past history of "3rd SOVEREIGN”, the band that plays some intense and aggressive Death metal ,which makes them one of the best Death Metal band from the shores of "Mizoram"(India).Needless to state their consistency, they have always come up more and more with their experiences. When it comes to their gig performance, the band is very much noticeable with the energy and speed they possess on the stage. I think everybody might be familiar with their competitions at "Delhi College of Engineering”,"BITS Pilani “and how can anybody forget their Mumbai's "Resurrection 5" festival, they just flooded away the Death Metal scene. With the younger bandwagon, the band no doubt kicked many asses, but they lagged originals like many of the other Indian bands who are still struggling in the scene. The fans started having high expectations with the band, soon the band started to overcome this issue and they came out with a track called "Face of Despair”, which was a mega hit among the listeners across the country. The band "3rd SOVEREIGN" draws their major influences from bands like” Cannibal Corpse","Death","Carcass","Decapitated"etc ,which you can easily make out from their soul originals.

Beheading, the bloodshed corpses in the realm of Death Metal, the band stands out among the various other bands in the same genre. I would just call this E.P as "Fucking Merciless" with "Mala's" disgorging vocals,"Anshuman"destructive guitar riffs and "Reuben" noisily exuberant drums makes it a package to destroy your mental state. Spinning onto the E.P "HORRIFIED VISION”,it starts with a blistering discharge called "Destined To Suffer" a painful pleasure for the ears procreating some monstrous riffs with terrific tempo and speed changes. The pace of the track grabs almost the listener’s attention instantly, the song goes out with an awesome rhythm .Next comes the rancorous title track of the E.P "Horrified Vision" one of the sickening best and highlights of the releases. There's no saturation level for this song, the more you hear the more you get addicted. "Ashuman's" outstanding fret work and "Reuben's" blasts on the drums, make this track a must listen and very spell bounding. The track starts slowly, but emerges with the fury towards the end. Here comes one of my favourite of the E.P "Everlasting Burn”, a song that will definitely lead you to insane head bang. There isn't a single moment which allows you to breath, it goes on with continuous drum work and "Reuben's" agitating guitars added to this is an appreciable stormy double bass work. "Suicidal Corpse”, a track with vehemented aggression, ravaging guitars, depraved growls are just killer and incinerate. I can assure you, once the 12 minutes havoc is over and your ears are drenched with their painful music, you would beg to go through it again. In all the E.P reminds me of their drawing influences drawing from bands like” Cannibal Corpse","Vader","Decapitated" etc,that make it a must but E.P for all the metal heads.

I'm really short of words to give you the proper review of the E.P, so grab a copy and let your ears have a splitting blast. But, I would like to dispute with the band for introducing only 4 dissected songs in the E.P...I think that's a curse for all we metal heads. The E.P is recommended for all the true Death Metal fans and I feel it wouldn’t be appropriate to say that it's worth spending money on the E.P.

Bottom Line: I would declare the E.P "HORRIFIED VISION" as “Impressive and Incomparable"!!!

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

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