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Interview: Chandresh Kudwa(Axe-Tortion)

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Chandresh Kudwa Axe Tortion

IMR: Hello Chandresh! Thanks for taking out time to talk to IndianMusicRevolution. So, how is everything going at your end and what have you been experimenting with your music lately?
Chandresh Kudwa(AXE-TORTION): My Pleasure! Well, I have been doing some real good work and busy finishing off my 2nd Solo Album THE CONQUEROR where in I have experimented and incorporated the "Electric Ukulele", which I feel is a phenomenal instrument! The AXE-TORTION gigs continue although it’s on the backburner due to the album. Apart from that I am constantly doing session work for Ad Films and Bollywood songs & teaching Guitar as well... Phew!!! I just realized what all I have been doing.

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