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Virgin Creep-Becoming A Prisoner

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Cymbalta Online Coupon Lowes North-East is churning out young, talented bands  over the years and an addition to the region’s premier live acts ,VIRGIN CREEP, throughout their one year of journey have reached maturity. go to site Band Members:
Mustaba(Lead Guitars)
Jahnu(Keyboards) The Guwahati  quintet experiments Alternative Rock with a grunge amalgamation. To all those who thinks the 90’s are dead, VIRGIN CREEP makes the answer!

go BECOMING A PRISONER opens up with a soft vocal tones mixed with chiming riffs and follows up a sequence in feedback. Considering the informal and dis-ordered style of ‘twee-pop’, this new sound  is  more about soft textures and firm choruses. The mid-section of  BECOMING A PRISONER steadily takes you to an ambience of elation, with the ‘overdrived’ distorted guitars ,well synchronised drums and periodic high-pitched vocals.
Towards the end, a solo ladened with enthralling grooves, solid drum-kicks and powered vocals gives a swift movement to the rhythm of the song. Lyrical theme of the song is based on the life of a man, his love and pain!

Vermox Ricetta BECOMING A PRISONER is not going to disappoint!

For more information, visit VIRGIN CREEP's Facebook page.

I am pursuing my Computer Science and engineering degree from JEC,Assam. I have been related with the musical scenario here in North East region specially Guwahati, for a long time. Besides, the academics, music journalism has always been a prioritised hobby for me. I have been writing in many metal music portals in NE region, and also a regional magazine.  My interests in genres covers, Heavy, 80’s rock, metalcore, death,progressive, neo-classical heavy metal and experiments of thrash!

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