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Swarathma-Pyaasi(Video Review)

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SWARATHMA, Bangalore based Urban Folk Rock band, recently released its first music video on their song PYAASI meaning ‘thirsty’. The song also features one of India’s best female vocalists, Shubha Mudgal. This video is the first in line of many more for this band that has become a matter of pride for the Indian music scenario. Filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor was the creative consultant for it and it was shot in Rajasthan by Pictureco, a Bangalore based firm.

In the words of Varun Murali(Lead guitarist), “The song speaks about the fragility of the water crisis that we are being faced with today. It portrays the current generation, which includes all of us for whom access to potable water is not difficult as well as for the rural population, for whom it is an everyday reality.” The video was made for, a Washington based NGO to spread the message of water conservation, and especially in rural and semi-rural areas which suffer the most. However, the video must be shown to a wider base to spread the message more effectively.

The little girl in the video represents any Indian facing the water crisis. Her emotions of disappointment on seeing the tap locked, of desire on seeing the dog drinking water, of joy when she gets to fill her matka with water, and of endurance when she had to carry it back home all the way home, are all universal emotions. Each and every one of us feels these at some point of our life and the girl faces them all in one go. The reality of the crisis is clearer through the eyes of an innocent girl who unfortunately fell prey to this way of life. Through her expressions that match the lyrics of the song, she reaches out to the viewers, to come forth and help her and her family improve their living conditions.

Alongside the girl’s story, we see the band by a poolside. The abundance of water shows the living condition that the girl could only dream of having. The shot of the dry cracked land which the girl is running on dissolving into one where Montry is diving into the pool is an interesting visualization. Still, some shots of the band seemed slightly redundant in the video. The color scheme is very strong with the girl’s orange clothes and the blue of the swimming pool being very distinct, while the rest of the backgrounds are mostly a monotonous dull lifeless brown, like her life, and this came through very well.

In the end, the empty pool is shown at the background with a matka in the foreground, with the message: 1 out of every 7 Indians does not have access to clean drinking water and tells you how to act towards this by going to the website. Pavan Kumar (Percussions), put it very simple-“WE have to save water for our future generations” simplifying that the change must be from each of us who misuses or overuses water as a resource. It’s not only music…its music for a change, for a cause. Go check it out today!

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