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Slow Down Clown-Tonight Slow Down Clown Tonight Review

watch Amidst the massive amount of metchul coming out from our nation, Slow Down Clown (SDC) is a unique relief for all those who aren’t into wearing black t-shirts and and raising devil horns. SDC started out as an acoustic solo project for frontman Vitek Goyel (Tek). He was soon joined by Arfaaz Kagalwala (Fuzz), Anurag Shanker and Wilson Kenneth (Kenny) on the drums, lead guitar and bass respectively. They started writing songs and playing gigs in 2010 and received acclaim for their folky and laid-back vibe as well as their constantly-evolving sound.

watch Tonight has all the ingredients of a modern, catchy and radio friendly track. The song starts off with a very 80’s Classic Rock-ish pentatonic riff which continues throughout the song. The guitars and drums are tight on this track, a slow bridge portion halfway through the song is followed by a crisp guitar solo. No fancy face-melting stuff, but has the bluesy, bendy leads that all of us do love. The backing vocals in the song are used sparingly and are a bit faint in the chorus.

source url The song has lyrical depth in it and you need to listen to it more than once to get the lyrical imagery that Vitek Goyal sings about. This is a clear ‘yearning for the past’ message that the song has. The song ends perfectly with a few acoustic guitar strums and Vitek’s voice fading away. This song is only a glimpse of an upcoming unique band and is a must listen to. This song goes on my pod for sure.

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see url Graduated from Delhi University, post that caught up in the corporate rat race for the last two years. Plays guitar and was active in the college scene, worships Slash and old G'n'R. Loves Classic Rock, Grunge and Metalcore. Spends a considerable part of the day listening to music and believes in the Indian Rock scene.

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