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Shades Of Retribution-Bibhotso

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Cialis Uk Prescription After the success of their debut album XONGRAM, the Old-School based Metal guys from Assam, SHADES OF RETRIBUTION released yet another jaw dropping single BIBHOTSO featuring vocalist Andy Nesbitt (WOLVES OF ANSON) from Ontario, Canada.

Emla Ricetta O No The very first word that came out of my mouth on listening to the track is some random Assamese slang that we usually use to express ‘kick ass’. From the inhuman vocals to the catchy jazzy solo to the transitions in the between and the use of the flute, it has all the ingredients required to make a great song. The vocal combination is amazingly brutal and powerful. While Vedant blows my mind and soul with the assamese part of the lyrics, his counterpart from Canada take care of the English half. For those who don’t understand much of assamese, the lyrics, as I figured out, talks about the ugliness of politics and the problems the mother state of the band i.e Assam is facing every day. As compared to the tracks from their debut album, lyrically though it may follow the same theme but musically they took it to a whole different level. As I said earlier, be it the transitions the song go through or the dual vocals, they did everything right to make it sound more destructive. The inclusion of flute just for a few seconds only, gives a melodic vibe and the jazzy-bluesy kind of solo that follows add more flavor to it. To wrap it up it’s just pure awesomeness and making me wait eagerly for their second album.

source Chitraranjan Gogoi is a 24 yrs old, Electronics and Communication engineer by degree and a Graphics and Web designer by profession from Assam. Currently residing in New Delhi, he loves to travel and learn about different traditions, cultures, food and most important "music".

Musically a very much Classic/Rock 'N' Roll guy but currently in love with bands like THURISAZ, ANATHEMA and GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT. Also a "die hard" Manchester United fan.

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