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Sanjeev T-Tanha / Alone Ft. Ujjayinee Roy

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Is Buying Doxycycline Online Safe Sanjeev Thomas is a man who can produce scintillating music in a large variety of genres, whether it's a dance track or an anthem for a celebrity league cricket team. He's come a long way from just being A.R. Rahman’s guitarist and has started to hold his own, and his single Tanha / Alone, featuring Ujjayinee Roy is a true testament to that.

With a beautiful opening melody, you immediately get a tranquil feel and the rest of the track is a smooth sail from there on. Ujjayinee Roy adds immense depth to the track with her nearly divine voice and sublime harmonies. The guitars on the track aren’t overdone, yet the guitar work is truly intricate and very well placed, with the solo section being my favourite part of the song hands down. As a side note, I must add, I was at awe when I heard Sanjeev’s voice on this track. It’s immensely different from his previous tracks, but on hindsight it suits the song perfectly.

If you’re in the hunt for a genuinely nice feel-good song, this, my friends, is the song you’ve been searching for all along.

Currently pursuing engineering at VIT, Vellore, Hari spends less time in the college and more time outside, either catching bands live or helping bands as their drum tech. Currently playing drums for a Metalcore band in college covering artists like Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage etc.

He's also got a flair for sound engineering. Listens to a variety of genres ranging from Dubstep to Grindcore and Death Metal in his spare time, apart from blogging about his various encounters with music and is a die hard of Indian heavyweights, Motherjane.

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