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Motherjane-Jihad(Single Review)

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Lasix Fiale Ricetta The ethnic spirit and the global rock (stars) are back with yet another solid soundtrack. Yes I’m talking about MOTHERJANE, the band which ROCK STREET JOURNAL describes as the best act of the decade and they’re back with the OST for Amal Neerad’s movie “Anwar”. As I always thought that when concerned about the songwriting MOTHERJANE is probably the best band in the country and with the kind of lyrics in JIHAD they proved my thoughts right again. From MINDSTREET to MAYA to TRIBES OF BABEL, MOTHERJANE always gives the example of some thoughtful, soulful and brilliant songwriting and Jihad is no exception. Right from the line “I BELIEVE IN JIHAD” to the end of the track Suraj Mani is able to grab you’re heart and soul and mind with his classical yet powerful vocals. Baiju’s guitar solos are as soulful and as melodious as ever. The touch of that “ethnic spirit” and Carnatic sound is still there like any of his other solos. John proved it once again that he is one of the country’s best drummers. The support from Clyde with his bass and Deepu with his rhythms cannot be left unnoticed.

Prometrium 200 Senza Ricetta The song speaks about believing in Jihad if love is the only weapon. It speaks about Peace and against terrorism that is affecting the Muslim community of the country. The lyrics go like: I believe in Jihad

“I” die, to Him return

& I know in my heart

His will is the sermon



I believe in Jihad

If love is the only weapon!

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