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Joshsish-Still Not Too Late(Single)


JOSHISH, Arabic-Persian for ‘enthusiasm’ is a name that truly speaks for this band’s passion for music which is what brings them together. Started by Sameer Rahat in 2006, this band has surpassed genres and generated inspiring music for a cause. This has been done with a lot of energy and fervor and they have found new meaning to ‘music works where nothing works’ for themselves . JOSHISH is Sameer Rahat-Compositions/Backup Vocals/Bass/Arrangement, Pranjal Joshi-Keyboards/Composition, Shwetang Shankar-Drums, Shatarchi Hundet-Guitars, Amit Mishra-Mixing and Mastering and Shobhita Singh-Lead Vocals/Lyrics.

STILL NOT TOO LATE is JOSHISH’s second single and is a dedication to the Kargil soldiers who fought for India and it is a call to us citizens to join hands and fight back because it is STILL NOT TOO LATE. This very appropriately named song was written by and featured Shobhita Singh as the lead vocalist. It was released for a project called W.A.T.T.S. (We Against The Terrible System) to say that despite 62 years of Independence, 10 years since Kargil and decades of democracy, society is still plagued by terror and hate. Yet, it is still not too late to change the state of affairs. It hopes to spread awareness about this issue through the band’s music.

The song is even included in an album called THE YOUTH SYNDROME, produced by, Bangalore. The song has a nice beat that goes well with the words. The chorus is especially impactful when you hear it because of a certain aggression in the voice which comes through because of Shobhita’s feelings for the cause coming through. There are interesting guitar solos interspersed in the song making it a pleasure to hear even if not for the lyrics. It ends on a softer note making one really want to listen to it once more and make sense of the lyrics, which are thought-provoking and poetic in nature.

Lines like
“In the name of religion, we destroy and kill,
We fight our own brothers, and innocent blood we spill”

truly depict what mankind has become and shows that the perpetrators do not stop to think of the harm they are causing in their search for revenge, money, power or whatever it is that they seek.

“It’s time to come together; It’s still not too late” suggests a hope from the same mankind to improve and to snap out of the farce that makes them commit their crimes."

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