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U180 Music Concert By LiveJam-Live @ Alliance Francaise(New Delhi)

Gig Info

  • Date 23rd June 2012
  • Venue Alliance Francaise 72, Lodhi Estate Lodi Road, Behind Islamic Center, New Delhi
  • Bands Barefaced Liar, Cindrella Prakash and LiveJam Band
  • Photo Courtesy Mohit Kapil
  • Event By LiveJam

U180 is back after a successful last year. As always as they say that it’s more than a concert, this time they came forward raising awareness and voice against "child abuse", yes the same topic which came into much limelight after the hugely popular “Satyamev Jayate” which is hosted by Amir Khan. Supporting the cause they have Barefaced Liar, Cindrella Prakash (of Satyamev Jayante fame) and their very own LiveJam Band playing for them and also a gang of bikers who called themselves "Bikers For Good" came forward. ("Bikers For Good" is a bunch of bikers who works like an NGO and believes in making a difference to the world on two wheels and thus trying to improve the reputation of the bikers in the country as socially responsible citizens)

For those who don’t know about U180, it’s an annual tour organised by LiveJam, founded by Bonny Andrews in 2005 in a small town of Kerala. Since then it has come a long wayorganising music festivals and school and campus tour, thus outreaching the youths and raising awareness among them about various issues that is poisoning the society. Bonny Andrews who also front the LiveJam Band, believes that music is the language that youths understand, and so through his music he wants to spread a message of clean and healthy environment among all the youths.

The concert takes place at Alliance Francais, a quite unusual venue for a Rock concert. The sitting capacity of the hall is about 50-60 people which was full packed and some more were sitting/standing on the stairs and most of them are wearing blue showing support for the cause.

First on stage were BFL, they played a tight extended set of more than half an hour, playing some originals from their debut album and covers. Although I missed the first half of their set, but was in time to catch them while they started to play their original (I heard that BFL started with some The Beatles covers). With powerful riffs and soulful vocals they certainly were the heaviest and undoubtedly the best act of the evening. For two of their songs including “Glow” which a personal favourite, BFL is accompanied by Darshan, a guest violinist to add more flavour to their act. It could have been truly mesmerising only if the soundman haven’t screwed it up when Darshan was playing an extended solo and the sound of the violin was almost off during the whole time. Shashank Bhatnagar (Undying Inc) also joined them onstage for an Oasis cover of Wonderwall.

After BFL came the main artist for the evening, Cindrella Prakash. She was welcomed onstage with a clip from the episode of Satyamev Jayante, in which she appeared. Cindrella, who is a hindi gospel singer was accompanied onstage by the LiveJam Band, with whom she played two of her songs from her album “Mehfuz Vani”. Onstage it was more than just music for her as she shared her terrible experience and how she came out of it and how much she believed in God and how Jesus helped her in healing her wounds. Talking about her music it was nice and slow and exactly how Gospel Rock should sound. With perfect backup from the LiveJam Band and her beautiful voice her act is actually quite peaceful.

Next onstage the LiveJam Band is joined by their original frontman and the founder of LiveJam, Bonny Andrews. They also played two songs, but one thing for sure after a peaceful act by Cindrella they sure bring out all the energy everyone was saving. Bonny played the first song with a helmet on dedicating it to the bikers and in the next and the last one he made sure that everyone goes back with some crazy memories. The crowd which was seated for the whole evening were on their feet, while some of them are onstage (including me), dancing and singing and headbanging to their music. Their sound is more like Classic Rock 'N' Roll and the way they performed that evening made me waiting to experience more of them.

All in all, the concert was a decent one where everyone had a nice time with some good music and a heartfelt story and also I believe is a successful one in terms of the message they wanted to spread through it, which I’m very sure reached the hearts of everyone present at Alliance Francais that evening.

Later they distributed CD’s of Cindrella’s album “Mehfuz vani” to everyone present there and also as scheduled she was supposed to go on a bike ride with "Bikers For Good".

You can check out some more pics of the event here.

Chitraranjan Gogoi is a 24 yrs old, Electronics and Communication engineer by degree and a Graphics and Web designer by profession from Assam. Currently residing in New Delhi, he loves to travel and learn about different traditions, cultures, food and most important "music".

Musically a very much Classic/Rock 'N' Roll guy but currently in love with bands like THURISAZ, ANATHEMA and GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT. Also a "die hard" Manchester United fan.

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