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Score Night Featuring Before The Holocaust & Crypted (Chennai)

Gig Info

  • Date January 11, 2013
  • Venue Star Rock, Chennai
  • Bands Crypted & Before the Holocaust
  • Photo Courtesy Vince


After a spate of rock, funk and hard rock shows at Chennai's very own Star Rock, Score Night presented its next edition featuring metal bands – "Crypted" and "Before The Holocaust". The venue was in a basement-located pub marred with really poor lighting. The gig commenced with "Before The Holocaust" taking stage. This was my first introduction to the band and for those who are new to this band, BTH plays metalcore while experimenting with ambient electronic/synth sounds. The band toiled around hard to fix serious sound problems with the set up. It was quite unfortunate that on certain occasions they had to stop playing mid-way through the songs. This ultimately led to the band having just about 20 odd minutes to complete their set. While the music was primarily in the vein of "As I Lay Dying", the use of the keyboards during the interludes and chorus added a new dimension to the insipid metalcore genre. I quite fancied the band to be honest and even more so after checking out their music online. The band left the stage on a high by playing their track "Condemnium" which was well received by the crowd.

"Crypted" needs no introduction. They were headliners for this show and they had all the support any band could ask for – tons of fans in "Crypted" band t-shirts. The gig marked the joining of new bassist, Moiz, to the band and it also saw the return of founding guitarist, Arvind, to play a one-off gig with the band. The performance had a good momentum to it with the band blasting out originals like "You Are All Diseased", "Inside The Outsider", "Flesh Eater" and a couple more. The band also covered Decapitated’s "Spheres Of Madness" and Gojira’s "Remembrance". Much to the horror of the hotel staff, there were 5 man-mosh-pits and fans raging on stage - hilarious and enjoyable to witness at the same time. The gig was a fun way to while away the Friday evening.

Apart from the incessant sound problems, Star Rock ought to figure out better lighting for the stage. Either that or I should get faster lenses. Here are some of the images in noisy-grainy goodness that I could salvage from the ones that I captured.


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