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Ritual Ascension Fest-Live @ Xrong Place(Day 1)

Gig Info

  • Date 4th August 2012
  • Venue Xrong Place (Kolkata, West Bengal)
  • Bands Strangulate, 10MxAx, Armament & Necrodeity
  • Photo Courtesy Moloy, Kallol & Sid
  • Event By Putrid Ascendancy Finally it was 4th August. The day when all the true music listeners flocked around at Southern Avenue, Xrong Place. The crowded arena comprised of people in band t-shirts and also real good ear in music. The gig started a bit late due to technical complicacy, but the madness unleashed at about 2 p.m, when gates finally were thrown open for Ritual Ascension Fest. Checked and allowed, people were waiting for the intensity to start. Strangulate Ritual Ascension Fest 2012

source url The show started with Strangulate, a three piece, Goregrind band of it’s first kind in Kolkata. Heavily influenced by Xysma, Repulsion, Carcass, General surgery etc, this band hit the nail real hard on the audience’s head. As soon as they started with the soundcheck, the audience went mad. They started with "Atrocious Anomalism", one of their OC. They covered bands like Carcass - Rot 'N' Roll and Repulsion – Black Breath, which was obscure as dinosaurs in Kolkata. Headbangs and swirls of hair boomed all across the room, as they continued with their performance. Good stage performance, some entertainment was provided with the scare mask, put on by the guitarist. As their first performance on stage, they certainly did a noteworthy job. And I certainly would be looking out for more, in future.

follow url Setlist: Atrocious Anomalism.
Carcass-Rot 'N' Roll
Pathological Uproar
Mortuary Supplies
Repulsion- Black Breath.
Asphyxiation And Massive Killing In The Ambulance Band Members: Subhajit Dasgupta-Vocals
Denzil Davidson-Guitars
Sayan Ray-Bass

Can U Buy Oxycontin Online Legally 10 Minutes To Anarchy Ritual Ascension Fest 2012

The next band up was 10 Minutes To Anarchy, a two piece Noisegrind band, also of it’s first kind in Kolkata. Small yet compact songs, like Noisegrind's bands actually should be. The frontman was very spontaneous, and kept the crowd active and alive. The guitarist had a roll with his guitars and the band was awesomely enjoyable. They started with one of their OC, "The President Is Gay" and continued when crowd wanted a Napalm Death by them, and they covered "Scum". Perfect part of RAF, 10 Minutes To Anarchy certainly uplifted the gig’s energy and provided the audience with a peek of the future proceedings of the show.

Setlist: The President Is Gay
Cock Rock
Napalm Death-Scum

Band members: Syd Myers-Vocals
Debanjan Chaudhari-Guitars

The next band up was Dead Veneration, but day 2 was the day for them.

Armament Ritual Ascension Fest 2012

After Dead Veneration, came Armament. A real teutonic Thrash Metal outfit from Kolkata. Well, lots to speak about them now. As soon as they were getting ready, audience flocked in, and gathered all around the venue. Everybody was waiting for some face-melting thrash. Probably no one in the crowd expected such straight outright thrash by them. Everybody’s mind was ripped apart as Armament got on stage. They started with “Remember The fallen” by the mighty Sodom. As they hit on the instrument, the audience went berserk banging their heads, and their constant trials to mosh the fuck out. Kazillions of people brought the place down as Armament continued to play their storm out there. Special mention goes to the vocalist, for his brilliant thrash vocals, the guitarists for the mad riffage, bassist for supporting and being a constant energy flow and the drummer for the barrage of blast beats, filthy and perfect covers of Sodom, that’s what they presented us with that day. Armament was a true win here, and received real favorable reviews by most of the audience present. Armament surely changed the idea of Thrash Metal in Kolkata. I would surely be looking out for them in future and I am sure people in Kolkata would be too. Spontaneity, great energy, fucking tight performance and contacting well with the audience, led Armament surely the hero of Day 1.

Setlist: Sodom-Remember The Fallen.
Wings Of Death
Hammer Of God
Sodom-Christ Passion
Sodom-Saw Is The Law

Band members: Indranil Dasgupta-Vocals
Syd Myers-Guitars
Soubhik Mondal-Guitars
Sayan Ray-Bass
Ayan Mukherjee-Drums

Necrodeity Ritual Ascension Fest 2012

After Armament came, Necrodeity, the band I have been waiting for during the whole gig. A bestial Death/Black Metal element from Kolkata, certainly one of it’s kind out here. As I was waiting patiently for them, their stage presence was ultra-cult, with bullet belts and leather ornaments of destruction, t-shirts of Necrovore, Barzak, Tribulation and Hell Hammer and certainly the attitude and skill to desecrate the false. I was and I emphasize I was, blown away when they started with Possessed-Exorcist. Death Metal is what they provided us with. Like an enormous demon, the whole band destroyed the venue with some ripper Death Metal. They covered bands which majority could not probably even spell properly till that day. I was overjoyed to see them covering bands like Necrovore, Terrorizer and Sarcofago. Their OC-Mors Delirus which means Psychotic Death, was well written and composed as well, portraying right kind of Death Metal to the audience. Their lyrical element was strong and soul ripping as few lines suggest.
"Cut throat wide open
Feast of death summons
Bestial insurgency proclaims
Delirious abysmal death"

"Order of black chaos
Death harbouring on your sanity
Ripping flesh, tearing soul apart
butchering fragile and fragility "

"Mors Delirus
Mors Delirus
Mors Insanus
Mors Delirus "

It's an occult ode to Chinnamasta, the Hindu deity, one of the ten tantric goddess and ferocious aspect of Devi. This song would also be one of the song amongst the demo, with three other songs which are spiritually interconnected. I am sure people who were ignorant towards Old School Death Metal, would be keen on knowing and inventing more about it. Energy, skills, and connectivity was definitely bestial, well standing up for their genre. Desecration of the false was successful with huge response from the audience. A very happy ending to Day 1. Necrodeity brothers, Hails!

Setlist: Possessed-Exorcist.
Morbid Angel- Maze Of Torment
Mors Delirus
Necrovore- Slaughtered Remains
Terrorizer- Fear Of Napalm
Sarcofago- Satanas

Band members: Desecrator-Vocals

End of Day 1 was sudden, yet a satisfied and content audience came out of the venue. Neck ache with enormous amount of happiness were what the people reported. Day 1 was a testimony of what Kolkata can become, and what Kolkata is about to be, in the near future. Day 1 was the promise of another assault on Day 2. Eradication of the falsehood would be a success. Truth of Metal would live, FOREVER!

She female from Kolkata having a strong love towards Death Metal. Currently, she is doing Computer Science engineering. She started listening to legends like Deep Purple, WhiteSnake and Pink Floyd as early as when she was just little kid.

In the meanwhile, exploring this arena made her to like more underground forms such as Old school death metal and has formed immense love towards it. She admires and loves music and despises pseudo-genres and trend, having a special love for Indian Music scene and have firm belief that they would go a very very very long way towards success, in the years to come!

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