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Quadrivium-A Musical Clinic: Live @ Senapati(Manipur)

Gig Info

  • Date 30th June, 2012
  • Venue TNK Conference Hall, Senapati, Manipur
  • Bands None
  • Photo Courtesy Club Muzik Events
  • Event By Club Muzik Events

Jointly organized by Club Muzik and Hills Sound Reinforcement the first episode of "Quadrivium" was held on the 30th June, 2012 at TNK Conference Hall, Senapati. It was an open event with no restricted passes. With an aim to promote local artist the event was an awareness programme on the changing trend of genre and flexibility of modern technical advancement in the field of music.

Punii, music teacher in a reputed college in Senapati district shared few lessons on vocal octaves along with breathing exercises and techniques. Next was Amang, proprietor of Hills Sound Reinforcement. He shared his knowledge and experiences in sound set ups like stage and main monitor set up, amp and preamp, noise and gain structure, cable connections, analog connection of guitar and sound effects etc. The basic drumming lessons were done by Khunjaoba, a drummer in a well known band from Manipur. Along with few simple physical exercises and easy to understand drum lessons he enacted a powerful presentation on modern drumming. Showing some of his techniques and experience along with his band's guitarist and bassist the team was one of the best favorite of the day. The later session ended with a jam session by individuals, bands and those interested in sharing their experiences.

Between the transitions of the resource persons it was Connie Leivon (the first lady of Amang) and Baby, vocalist in a well known local band who did the fill ups with songs of their choices. The organizers are planning for it's second edition soon!

Pradaxa 110 Ricetta Reviewed by: Lukhendro Keisham

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