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The Riot Peddlers-Sarkarsm(E.P)

The Riot Peddlers-Sarkarsm(E.P)
  1. Bollywood Songs
  2. Where’s The System
  3. United We Stand
  4. Platform No. 3
  • Band / Artist The Riot Peddlers
  • Genre Hardcore Punk
  • Label ennui.BOMB
  • Year 2012
  • Format Album
Rating 8.5/10

"Where's the system?
Cause I wanna fuck it
Mutilation, yeah!"

Pretty much sums it up what we are to expect from Mumbai based The Riot Peddlers- Hardcore/ Punk Rock trio who have come up with their debut EP "Sarkarsm" this year. It's not everyday you come across a proper Punk Rock act in India, and when you do, you'll know it is this tight unit of three young people who write about "Hypocrisy Police brutality Political propaganda Controlled media" and scream their rage out on the face of the system.

"Sarkarsm" contains around 12 minutes of raw, fastpaced, in-your-face tracks that will make you frown and concentrate more on what message the band is trying to put across. From the moment the album kicks off, its pure powerchords and loud basslines and an angry voice protesting against the system through short and crisp tracks not lasting for more than two and a half minutes. You might find traces of RATM in patches but that doesn't undermine the musicality of the band as they have managed to churn out proper Alternative Rock music-naked, bruised with no ornamentation of any kind like lengthy and flashy guitar solos or processed vocals.

"Bollywood Songs" starts off with a distorted rendition of "tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam" and what follows are lines like "I hate this song, it makes me sick Bollywood can suck my dick"! Perhaps complaining about the bunch of forgettable and worthless Bollywood songs that have flooded radio airplay these days, the band has not failed to target MTV too, in their own way of course. Heavy chords and fast beats set the mood for the rest of the tracks to follow. How the song ends is worth listening to! 'Where's the system' is the ideal track of the EP. The lyrics are immensely simple, and the message could not be clearer. The short track of less than two minutes captures the very essence of protest music in a way we haven't heard or felt in a long while! "United We Stand" carries on from where the previous track left. Hard riffs, punchy words, no complexities with rage and restlessness emanating out, this is an outstanding little anthem. "Platform No. 3", initially seems to lack the punch of the preceeding tracks but make no mistake, this track is actually a combination of three separate singles - "Platform No 3", "Sau Rupiya" and "Chaai Paani". "Sau Rupiya" and "Chaai Paani" can be heard separately as singles on their Reverbnation or Facebook profile. Contrary to the rest of the tracks, Chaai Paani sounds a little more commercial and Pop-ish, which maybe is the reason why the EP doesn't end on the fiery note with which it starts.

The Riot Peddlers deserves all the credit for sticking to a genre of music which doesn't have too many takers in the country. Moreover, they have made their EP available for "free download", which is a noble initiative. Interestingly, their tracks are so short compared to standards that they will easily be able to pull off a gig in less than an hour having sung close to fifteen tracks! Pretty good, ha?


An EP full of attitude, "Sarkarsm" is an outstanding collection of hardhitting Punk.

Debarshi Chowdhury is presently a student at Maulana Azad College, Kolkata. A music fanatic, he listens to a wide variety of music, from Country to Trance, and also does some, independently. Among his all time favourites feature PINK FLYOD, LED ZEPPLIN, QUEEN, DREAM THEATER, IRON MAIDEN, OASIS, KORN and others. He has tried his hands with a number of instruments, but in the end has settled for Guitar basically, though he claims to play the mouth Harmonica and Tabla too. He thinks that the Indian "Independent" Music scene is one of the best in the world at the moment, and he is always eager to be part of the revolution that should give independent or underground musicians the fitting prominent place they deserve in the International stage.

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