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  1. The Way 04:52
  2. 3 Screwdrivers And A White Bikini 04:00
  3. Now Imagine 05:56
  4. Winter Rain 04:37
  5. Funky Monkey 03:30
  • Band / Artist Spook
  • Genre Alternative/Pop-Rock
  • Label Meteorik Productions
  • Year 2010
  • Format Album

SPOOK is an Alternative/Pop Rock act based in Mumbai. The band comprises of Akshay Deodhar (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Zain Calcuttawala (Drums/Percussion), Clavell Santiago (Violin), Anis Gandhi (Keyboard) and Sonam Lama (Bass/Vocals). The sound of the band, I must strongly point out, is very versatile. A listener is bound to look back and doubt as to whether he/she is actually listening to the same band throughout the length of the EP. The influences cited by the band are apparent in the music they make. There have been many times when I felt that the band struck very close to the GOO GOO DOLLS. Violin layers are gracefully laid out in the background of every track.

THE WAY throws open the doors to the UNDERWATERSEABIRD(E.P). The track is essentially a Pop-Rock number which around its verses, sounds a lot like the GOO GOO DOLLS. The chorus on the other hand, strays away into a different sound. The chorus has a sound I would normally associate the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS to, particularly more because of the guitar progression and style of vocal harmony used. I would name this one the catchiest song lyrically on the EP. SCREWDRIVERS AND A WHITE BIKINI is the second track off the EP. If you ask me, this one would sound pretty cool on the Kill Bill Soundtrack. The bass lines follow a beautiful pattern throughout the song, to disintegrate into a heart-wrenching violin solo that concludes this intense alternative number. The third track- NOW IMAGINE is Steven Wilson’s contribution to the SPOOK(E.P)! Just kidding, but three tracks down and the band has already floored me by the pure versatility in their music. The bridge breaks into eerie depths on the violin and forays back to the chorus. Since I’m already following a trend of associating names to every track, I would say this one sounds most like BLACKFIELD, Wilson’s Pop project. I didn’t digest WINTER RAIN, the fourth track off the EP, as quickly as I did the others. It failed to leave me humming, which is a first considering how hooked I am on the other tracks. It does have its special moments though with the wails of the violin echoing in the background. FUNKY MONKEY breaks the intensity from the preceding track with its laidback, funky Rock 'N' Roll vibes. I wouldn’t take this track seriously considering the quality of the other tracks. Despite that, FUNKY MONKEY stands testament to another genre SPOOK is able to effortlessly drift into, totally taking the listener by surprise!

I was slightly disappointed by how the music strayed away from a very intense theme that had been built up along the first half of the EP but, you can have my word for it- SPOOK makes up a great deal on its unpredictability. The harmony between the bass guitar, the keyboards and the violin stuffed in the pockets of every song sure did catch my attention. The verse-chorus-verse-chorus tradition relative of Pop-music is something I’m not very fond of generally but, there’s something very charming about how this band appeals to you through their music. The fact that the band does not bind itself to genre-centric restrictions is quite impressive. I would recommend this EP to anyone seeking for music along the lines of Funk/Pop/Rock/Alternative. The band holds a great deal of potential and is definitely worth a listen.


The collaboration of the violin, though not the first band of its kind, blends comfortably into the vibe laid down by every track. The UNDERWATERSEABIRD(E.P) sure has the sounds to "spook" you!

Arjun David Alexander is a law student at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi who constantly dreams about doing 'something else'. All genres from Psychedelic Rock to Dubstep & Electronic catch his fancy. He is a die-hard fan of Porcupine Tree, Tool and A Perfect Circle. Always on the lookout for something new to listen to. Drop in a word!

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