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  1. Ordeal (Intro)
  2. Sacrilege (feat Shashank Bhatnagar)
  3. Possessed Strangulated And Enslaved
  4. In Extremis
  • Band / Artist Halahkuh
  • Genre Death/Thrash Metal
  • Label Unsigned
  • Year 2013
  • Format Album
Rating 8.5

Toradol Gocce Serve Ricetta After winning accolades and awards galore since their formation in early 2011, Pune based thrash/death/groove metallers Halahkuh are finally out with their debut E.P titled "Desecration". And man, do they look promising? Halahkuh, meaning despised or fallen angels, have been ruling the scene in Pune and Mumbai right from their formative days. The current lineup, comprising Prakhar Soni on bass and vocals, Subhrajyoti Sarkar on rhythm guitars, Chinmay Bokil on lead and Arjun Menon on drums, seems to be their tightest formation yet. And with huge gigs like the two editions of the Entombed Metal Fest, and a Pantera tribute concert that Halahkuh had organized themselves, they’ve certainly got the eyeballs rolling! Well, that brings us to their E.P, "Desecration". The first track, "Ordeal", is a 2:16 instrumental intro, starting with delay-laden guitars and moving on to a melodic-thrash progression. I love the sound instantly.

Comprare Viagra Farmacia Senza Ricetta The second track called "Sacrilege" features Shashank Bhatnagar of Undying Inc. fame on guest vocals, and is the first full-length song on the E.P. The track starts with a powerful and catchy riff, very much displaying the Trivium influence. The breakdown part post 1:37 is commendable, and the short solo that follows is fitting. I find the drumming a bit monotonous on this track though. Respect to Chinmay Bokil for the guitar solo that starts at 2:57. A nice start to the album.

One track leads to the next, and "Possessed, Strangulated and Enslaved" starts with a direct assault; I’m taken by surprise! This track has got more of an old school death/thrash metal feel to it, unlike the first track which had elements of modern metal. I totally love how Prakhar Soni handles the bass and vocal duties with equal elan on this one. The drumming is a lot better too. The longest track on the E.P, this one aptly contains many different progressions, and is laden with guitar solos. The solo towards the end, starting at 4:06 commands respect. And I love how the track ends with the lead guitar fading out and the drummer downing the tempo; typical old-school stuff, but great. My favorite track on the disc!

The last track, "In Extremis" has a very unique start; an instant win! I love the lyrics on this one. The breakdown starting at 2:40 is a downer though, as it sounds familiar. And after how the track started and moved on to a Megadeth-ish progression, I feel the new age metal elements in the middle portion could’ve been avoided. I won’t be surprised though, if Chinmay Bokil finds a few takers among the metal biggies…this guy is a genius!

Overall, Halahkuh does impress. I would personally like to recommend this album to the kids who find it hard to tread the bridge between new age metal and old school stuff; this album is a heady mix of both. The sound has been mixed and mastered very adeptly, and the album sounds good on large speakers as well as earphones.


Halahkuh still has a long way to go, and they certainly look like they’re built to last. The members are pretty young, which is a plus as there is time to evolve. And yes, I am already a fan of Chinmay Bokil. Great work guys!

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