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Goddess Gagged-Resurfaces

Goddess Gagged-Resurfaces
  1. Modern Machines
  2. Rosemary’s Baby
  3. Dreamer
  4. Inspire
  5. Visionary
  6. Sink Or Swim
  7. Preliminary Stages Of The Master Plan
  • Band / Artist Goddess Gagged
  • Genre Progressive Metal
  • Label Unsigned
  • Year 2011
  • Format Album
Rating 8/10

How Long Is Accutane Prescription Good For GODDESS GAGGED. A name I’ve been particularly keeping a watch out for. I don’t want to compartmentalise their music but I see a plethora of sounds in their music- PORCUPINE TREE, KARNIVOOL, TEXTURES, OCEANSIZE and a good amount of Post-Hardcore influences, each an elite from its respective genre of music. It is pretty cool how the GODDESS GAGGED sound has been shaped from a variety of these influences. I have mentioned the names of artists along with a review of each track to give a flavour of the album. The new GODDESS GAGGED album, RESURFACES starts with MODERN MACHINES, a track that kicks off like a hurricane. The song features a gorgeous combination of loud growls and serene melodies which has a very TEXTURES- like sound to it. One track down and I’m blown over by the great production values in the track which includes everything from panning guitar shreds to echoing vocals chops – definite earcandy. ROSEMARY'S BABY is the second track off the album. It features tight distortion-filled riffs with great sound effects to complement it. The breakdown to the track is pretty cool where heavy riffs are layered over soft guitars which raise the listener from a calm trance to an adrenaline fuelled mosher. The intro-riff to this track is still stuck in my head.

seashore beach resort calangute goa reviews DREAMER is one of my favourite tracks off the record because of its progressive brilliance. The record features a re-mastered version of an already released single by the same name. It has been cut short by more than a minute on the re-mastered version. I felt that the older version had more psychedelic ambience to it. The new version has intricately mixed instrument tracks and sounds more polished but I wouldn’t place my money on either of these versions entirely because each creates a different atmosphere of its own. The older version had a raw cut to it that appeal to a certain crowd though it is not as acoustically pleasing as the new version. But all in all, this track definitely wouldn’t fall short of brilliant. The Post-Hardcore elements in this track are amazing to listen to. Though it is not as heavy as the other tracks, it is a well-assembled track. Possible influences might have been MAYBESHEWILL, THIS WILL DESTROY YOU, CASPIAN etc. There were certain instances where I thought GG had a good PORCUPINE TREE and OCEANSIZE sound in this track too. These are sounds I enjoy listening to so it’s no wonder why DREAMER immediately caught my fancy.

365 Kamagra Online INSPIRE picks up from where DREAMER faded out in good progression but, this track failed to impress me much. It does not meet the benchmark set by the other tracks off the same record and was unable to leave any special impression behind. Another track based on an already released single is the fifth track off RESURFACES, VISIONARY. I loved the acoustic version GG had made of this track. A good bass-line sets the tempo running for the track. The vocal verses for the track I thought, sounds surprisingly like PANIC AT THE DISCO! or FALL OUT BOY, if I may be permitted to say that. But that doesn’t change things much. This is still Siddharth Barsur belting out his trademark angst-powered growls in the minutes that follow. The style of production is brilliant and at particular cues I felt had TRIVIUM-like sounds to it.

Buy Accutane Online Fast Delivery The sixth track, SINK OR SWIM also features as the first official music video off the GODDESS GAGGED record. The track begins with an indigenous riff that blasts into something bigger. I would place this track within the KARNIVOOL sound. From around 3:30, the track transcends into darker realms which sounds like the music is gradually getting disconnected from the listener’s ears. This track has a good musical structure to it.

click here PRELIMINARY STAGES OF THE MASTER PLAN is the last track off the RESURFACES record. The mood of the track is initially captured by ambient sounds in the start which is cut off in between by a guitar riff that brings the listener back on track with the rest of the record. The track has some very clean elements which, when you least expect it, transforms into djent riffs. Parts around 6:30 even transform the track into a very PORCUPINE TREE-like progression but overall, the track failed to impress me much.

The RESURFACES record by GODDESS GAGGED has been touted to be one of the anticipated releases in the Indian Metal industry. Though the record falls far from disappointing me, I must say it lacked that certain punch I was expecting from it. Individually, I think, these guys have accomplished a great deal on this record. It was a great show on the vocal duties, very aggressive note-for-note shredding on the guitars, grimy bass-lines and tight, down-to-the- point drumming none of which, manages to overshadow the other. The lyrics on this record and the concept-based writing are quite impressive and deserve a mention too. GODDESS GAGGED has a variety of influences on their sound but has come closer to carving a niche for itself in making a collaboration of all these sounds. I was expecting a steady progression throughout the album itself but that didn’t happen. In my opinion, a couple of tracks off the record lost momentum during the course of the listen, which is quite painful as the others are pretty well-crafted. But all in all, RESURFACES features a well mixed, well performed effort that definitely deserves a listen, particularly more, if you’re into Progressive Metal.


Though I felt the record lost momentum in between, a good number of these tracks would definitely appeal to Progressive Metal/Rock fans. The smooth blend of genres and production values deserve appraisal.

Arjun David Alexander is a law student at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi who constantly dreams about doing 'something else'. All genres from Psychedelic Rock to Dubstep & Electronic catch his fancy. He is a die-hard fan of Porcupine Tree, Tool and A Perfect Circle. Always on the lookout for something new to listen to. Drop in a word!

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