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Devoid-A God's Lie

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Thrash Metal seems to be making a revival of sorts with old bands like SODOM and FORBIDDEN making a comeback and new bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE and BONDED BY BLOOD trying to recreate the sound of the 80’s, and while most new bands fail because they try too hard to sound like their predecessors and almost consciously avoid trying to sound “modern” as that would be “sacrilege”, DEVOID for the most part succeeds as their music seems genuine and they are comfortable with being who they are. DEVOID are a four piece from Mumbai which consists of Arun Iyer(Vocals /Rhythm Guitar), Sanju Aguair(session only Guitar), Keshav kumar(Lead Guitar), Frank Pawar(Bass Guitar ) and Shubham (Drums ) .They play a very modern style of Thrash Metal which has a lot of groove , a lot of thick heavy guitar riffs interspersed with some melodic elements and some neat guitar solos added with a slight touch of death metal added by Shubhams fast blast beat drumming on tracks like BATTLE CRY, POSSESSED and the Gojiraish A GOD'S LIE , and of course Arun Iyers vocals which are a mix of screech and scream, although it is modern it stays close to its roots when it comes to solos and the more intricate guitar playing thus being a fusion of the old and the new, and in doing so it reminded me of EXODUS’s ATROCITY EXHIBITION album.

Honestly this is not music that you should analyse too much; this is best enjoyed on big large speakers with the volume turned on to maximum! I was constantly headbanging to this when it was playing on my speakers I just wanted to enjoy the music without any limitations and crank up that volume ,but then I thought well don’t get too excited you’ve got a review to write, that being said THISSS SHIT IS TIGHT! These guys know what they are doing and they do it well playing some of the hardest fastest and brutal Thrash Metal in the country, songs like BLACK FORTRESS, NEW WORLD ORDER, HATE CULT really made me feel alive and in the mosh pit!

But although I did enjoy this album a lot but when you look at it at a critical level you have to admit that these don’t really bring anything new or different to the table, they are just really good what they do. I think that if they explored their Death Metal side a lot more which we see in songs like POSSESSED and A GOD'S LIE and mixed that with their Thrash Metal sound , then that would be really something unique. But in the end I would say that DEVOID is a great band that plays some really killer Metal without being fake and I think they have a really bright future ahead of them but they do need a little more Innovation and for that I think I’ll give them a seven out of ten.

click here Mohammad Kabeer is a 23 year old Independent documentary film maker the subject of which is the metal scene in India , when not shooting a concert or an interview ,Kabeer spends his time watching Anime and reading Graphic novels apart from that he plays drums in a band called SLOTH , musically his interests lies in Sludge/Doom Metal/Thrash Metal and the phenomenon known as MESHUGGAH. Currently he is listening to a lot of Modern Grindcore.

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