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Blue Skies And Paign-Wanderings(E.P)

Blue Skies And Paign-Wanderings(E.P)
  1. May A Hundred Flowers Bloom
  2. A Series Of Paper Planes Exploding As They Catch Fire
  3. Architecture In Leningrad
  • Band / Artist Blue Skies And Paign
  • Genre Ambient/Post-Rock
  • Label Self-Released
  • Year 2011
  • Format EP
  • Price Free Download
Rating 6/10

 Before I start off with the E.P. review, a small preface. BLUE SKIES AND PAIGN is the solo project of Saib Bilaval, an independent musician from New Delhi. A few of you who read my reviews would know I say this a lot, but in a time and place where metal music is like those electric mosquito attracters, it’s hard to be tempted to try anything else and expect to get noticed (except the Classical and Fusion genres obviously).

But then, Alternative, Blues, Funk, Pop are rising slowly, and their distant cousins, Post-Rock, Experimental are starting to catch up.

BLUE SKIES AND PAIGN is one such ambient, Post-Rock project by Saib Bilaval, which makes use of atmospheric, celestial themes and dark-blues with much effect. I myself have probed the Experimental, Post-Rock genre much to appreciate the likes of EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, MOGWAI, SIGUR ROS and many more. At the very base of it all, this music is meant to be enjoyed in a particular way. As Saib himself puts it, “close your eyes, shut out the world, you will understand it” His first E.P titled WANDERINGS is a compilation of three tracks composed, recorded by himself.

ARCHITECTURE IN LENINGRAD puts the droning patch on the synth to much use. Short guitar riffs provide the Post-Rock touch to the track. MAY A HUNDRED FLOWERS BLOOM is an 8-minute piece that combines Ambient, Blues and Post-Rock all together. The second half of the track is complete Blues with a very Indian sound. It gets a bit confusing when you try to figure out where the piece is going, but then it neatly transcends into something more intense towards the end. A riff keeps playing in the background, while the lead oscillates between dark bluesy to ambient.

A SERIES OF PAPER PLANES EXPLODING AS THEY CATCH FIRE delves into a deeper concept. “The procrastination of curious, thoughtful philosophy that exposes the fragility of the young mind floating and fluttering in a world it hasn't managed to understand” is what Saib describes this track as. Since it deals with the subconscious and the mind, celestial themes with reverb and sustain effects form the crux of the piece. The young mind is a coalescence of several paper planes, reveling in the vast freedom of thoughts that is the universe, an occasional diversion here and there, struggling to find a way amidst
the confusion, a clear windy path ahead. It’s a series of minimal notes on the guitar, accompanied by drones and a lot of textured noise in the background with drums around the middle for a short time. Theme’s carried off pretty well, though a finish with a bit more solitude could have sounded pleasing.


All in all, BLUE SKIES AND PAIGN is a decent first attempt, and a promising new artist, one that I’ll be following closely in the future and would urge you too, if you like this effort of his.

Vishal Shah is a 20-year old from Mumbai, finishing his engineering at present. He likes to read a lot of non-fiction, music and sports magazines. An absolute digger of classic crime movies, he spends his time reading up on movies and music on the internet. Apart from this, he loves to travel, play the guitar and even sing occasionally. His interests in music cover a lot of the classic rock ‘n’ roll of the 60s, the hard rock of the 80s, thrash/power metal, grunge, alternative rock and he is currently deeply fond of the Post-Rock/Experimental music genre. Also, Amit Trivedi, Vishal Bharadwaj, Indian Ocean, and old Mohd. Rafi classics are some of his Indian favourites.

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