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Shades Of Retribution Releases New Single Bibhotso

Fluimucil Ricetta Elettronica SOR Bibhotso

Vermox Si Puo Comprare Senza Ricetta SHADES OF RETRIBUTION have released their new single BIBHOSTO on 24th October,2011. It is available for streaming on their Reverbnation and Soundcloud page. The single is from the band’s upcoming 2nd full length album ODHO-POTON (Downfall Of Mankind).The single has been recorded at LUCID RECESS STUDIOS. 

go to link SHADES OF RETRIBUTION is an Old-School Metal band from Duliajan, Assam. Formed in January,2010, SHADES OF RETRIBUTION has an
old school base, deriving influences from the Assamese culture and the other regions of North-East India. Their first  full-length album, SANGRAM (pronounced XONGRAM in Assamese) was released in December 2010.

click Lyrically, BIBHOSTO simply means "Very Very Ugly". The song criticizes mankind and portrays a picture of Humanity's Carcass being feasted by the worms of blind faith, hollow existence and sins of mortality which are unforgiving and soon, will see the end of days.

follow site The band would like to thank Andy Nesbitt from WOLVES OF ANSON (Ontario, Canada). They are indebted to him and are really proud of the amazing vocal performance by him. As the band puts it, One Tribe. One Sound.

source url follow site Band Members:
Vedant – Vocals 
Avi – Guitars
Prashant – Guitars
Gumto – Bass and 
Debarth – Drums SHADES OF RETRIBUTION are managed by Rocka Rolla Artist Management.

For more information, visit SHADES OF RETRIBUTION's FaceBook page.

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