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Petrichor Out With New Single, Parasight: Comorbid

 Petrichor Parasight Comorbid Single

Petrichor has released a new single titled 'Parasight: Comorbid'.

This single is a foray into a new sonic direction for the band which showcases the band's evolved musicianship and songwriting.

You can stream the new single from their SoundCloud page. 

This single is a part of their upcoming release, details for which are yet to be announced. The track has been recorded, mixed and mastered with Adhiraj Singh from Refractor Studios.

The band commented, "We have been working hard on new material that we can safely say is a step up from our previous work. It has almost been a year since the release of our debut EP - Hueman and a lot has changed in terms of influences, songwriting approach and perspective. These changes are quite evident in the new Petrichor single - 'Parasight: Comorbid'. This track was written, performed a couple of times and then major parts were rewritten before we decided to record it. This track is be a part of our next release, the name, concept and artwork for which will be announced shortly. Meanwhile, we would like all of you to check out the new track, spread the word and we hope you enjoy it as much we enjoyed making it."

Petrichor released their debut EP - Hueman in July 2012, only after 6 months of being a band. The EP was well received and is currently sold out. Two of the tracks from this EP were also featured on two separate compilations - Metalbase India's Metaller's Mayhem 2 Compilation and the Metal Spree + English Djentlemen's Quarters' Techwreck Compilation.


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