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Overhung Releases Free Debut EP 'Extended 4Play' Online

Overhung Debut EP Download

The bringers of the party 'Overhung' have finally released their much awaited four song debut EP titled ‘Extended 4Play’ recorded almost entirely at home. The boys who are known to create quite a stir with whatever they do, have decided to release this EP online initially for free, as a teaser for their forthcoming album that is expected sometime next year.

Artwork-Extended 4Play (E.P)

Overhung Extended 4Play Free Download

Tracklist-Extended 4Play (E.P)
You Think You’re So Cool
Casual Bitch

The promotions for this EP are something not too many have missed with the highly successful and head turning ‘Overhung T Shirt Girls’ campaign kicking off the party. The campaign saw fans and friends of the band posing at their naughtiest best wearing the bands ‘Casual Bitch’ T Shirt. They uploaded one picture a day and asked people online to like and share the one they would like to be turned into a poster.

The band then followed this up with the release of their popular single called 'Casual Bitch' which was put up for free download from their Facebook page through reverbnation.

The four songs on ‘Extended 4Play’ show different sides and sounds of the band. It starts off with ‘Waiting’, a song with lyrics that are on the darker side sung by an inner voice that wants to rise and destroy the body and mind.
‘Casual Bitch’, that is already a popular song that crowds love to scream and sing along to, is about being in a relationship where both people involved know that the relationship is going nowhere but are happy with being in a casual relationship.
‘Waste’, the third of the four tracks shows a serious side of the band where they sing about issues like a flawed education system, female infanticide and religious wars. Finally, a two minute rant about the band’s pet peeves in people. ‘You Think You're So Cool’ is a scorcher track with a catchy riff and also features six year old Adam on vocals.

All tracks were recorded at the drummer Sheldon Dixon's house and vocals with Ayan De at Midicore Studios, who has also mixed and mastered the EP.

The band is supported by ‘D’Bridge Productions’ headed by Shantanu Dutta, who is the brain behind the bands EP and website release. Says Shantanu, ‘I've always been drawn to creative people and this was an opportunity to tie up with a new and raw entity that has the potential to push the envelope when it comes to defining a sound and connecting with an audience, even though the music is rock and in English. We have big plans for everyone and hopefully we’ll usher in a new ethic when it comes to music presentation and creating a brand that cannot be ignored’ he signs off.

The EP can be downloaded for FREE at

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