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Guitarist Obed Zeme’s Debut Album Released In North East India


Obed Zeme Debut Album Launch

An experimental guitar instrumental album called ‘Canaan Caravan’, that crosses different genres from ballad rock to jazzy blues feel, has been released today in the north east. ‘Canaan Caravan’ is the debut album of Obed Zeme who romances with different shades of moods with his guitar. Obed Zeme is from Magulong Village, of Tamei Subdivison of Tamenglong District Manipur, and he is presently based in Delhi. He is a guitar player, composer, arranger, producer, and a teacher. His journey in music began at a tender age of eight, when he started playing piano and guitar. The album will be released in Delhi also very soon.


Artwork-Canaan Caravan

Obed Zeme Canaan Caravan Artwork

Tracklist-Canaan Caravan

1. Shakina Glory

2. Still Waters

3. Canaan Caravan  Video   

4. Hook & Crook

5. Always Yours

6. Arrows By Night

7. It Is Well

8. Origami

9. Zion Song

10. The Other Side of The River

11. Rib of My Frame

12. A Cry For Peace

13. Pandora's Box

14. Amazing Grace


The album ‘Canaan Caravan’ is a tale of life’s journey that began in faith. It is the guitarist’s rendition of the biblical caravan in the wilderness towards the Promised Land, Canaan. The titles of the tracks analogize significant landmarks in his spiritual passage. He is led by the peaceful Still Waters, but has to also endure the Arrows by Night. There are times when he envies the life on the Other Side of the River and tested his commitment, but deep down there’s a calm assurance that tells him that It is well with his soul. He longs for Shakina Glory at all times, be it while he sings the Zion Song in adoration of the divine or while creating Origami in leisure. And it is music, he says, that sustains faith as he continues to travel amidst the curse of Pandora’s Box.


Canaan Caravan is not one season’s collection of the artist, rather, was written and compiled over a decade mostly in the early 2000s. True to Obed’s belief the album seeks to connect with the Higher power through music. Along with the larger vision for peace reflected in his signature track A Cry For Peace, it also includes favorites like Rib Of My Frame and Amazing Grace.


His album CD's are available at:


1) Imphal: (a) Palanquin. c/o Th. Bedaprakash, RIMS Road, Phone No- +91 - 8794208436. (b) Danny Kamei. Youth Worship Secretary, RNBC Centre Church, Tarung, Imphal, +91 - 9402660355, +91 - 9612771238.  

2) Tamenglong:  Softhome Enterprise, Tamenglong Bazaar. 



1) Kohima:  a) Dream Cafe, b) Big Bites, c) Clef Ensemble;  

2) Dimapur:  (a)Furtados Music Show room, 0386-2232447, Aiko Building, Oppst. Super Market, Crescendo Music Store 0386-2236943, Vikiye Centre, Circular Road; (b) Yamaha Music Square 0386-2225724, Nagi House, G S Road; 

3). Jalukie:  Sound King Studio, 0383-9220281 / +91-8575654125 Jalukie B


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