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Grandiose Thinking-A New Side Project By Krish(Blind Image) Grandiose Thinking New Side Project

follow link Krish, the drummer of the Blind Image has formed a super group side project which will feature music director Rahul Bhatt on vocals. Rahul is better known for his debut album Kal that released on Saregama in 2011. The album featured the music video 5 Days Of Facebook that received half a million views soon after its online release. Among other things, he is currently scoring music for an animated series called Ninja Hattori for one of the biggest production houses in Japan - Shin Ei Animation.

follow link On guitar it will be Krish’s partner in crime Shri – who is also the guitarist of Blind Image. The bass section will be handled by Tibu who is Krish’s good friend, ex-member of Blind Image and also the bassist of the Funk band Public Issue. Tibu was also the founding member of the band Public Issue. Harshan Radhakrishnan who is also Krish’s friend and member of a Chennai based local band Totem will be taking care of keyboards, sampling and soundscapes.

enter site Krish says – “This project has been in my head for over a year and half now. I am a very big fan of Maynard James Kennan (Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer). I love maynard as an artist because he makes the music more theatrical which brings in a whole new perception to the music which is what I wanted to do with this project with its own signature. I wanted to make music that will be so artistic and will be more than just music and will take the listener on a particular, peculiar trip."

Voltaren 5 Cream Buy "When it came to choosing members my obvious choice for the guitarist was Shri because we grew up together as musicians. The writing chemistry is just perfect and he is capable of writing these demented abstract sections which is going to be floating a lot in this project."

Zithromax Next Day Delivery "I have known Tibu for a very long time. As many already knew, he was also an ex-member of Blind Image. We lost touch in between when he had gone to UK for his higher studies. When he came back to India we met and spoke quiet a bit about music. His influences were similar to mine when it comes to Ambient/Electro Progressive music. I knew right there I found the bass player for this band and he is also a very serious musician and that counts a lot for me." "I called in Harshan without knowing what to expect, its not like Chennai has 100 guys who can play keyboards, do controllerism and who are influenced by this kind of music. He surprised me by gelling so well right from day one. His foundation in this kind of music is very strong and I love it when someone walks in to my jam room for the first time and play with the band as if they ve been playing with the band for 10 years. He knew what the band had in its mind and the way he laid down his sections during the first jam was perfect."

enter site "We were actually very strongly considering the option of Shri on vocals with guitars. Not many know that Shri can sing really well. Infact that’s what I had in mind initially when I wanted to form this project. He always comes up with these complicated parts on guitar which gives him a tough time with singing and playing and we dint have the time to wait for that to happen. So, shri was open with the idea of finding a new vocalist. There were only couple of choices. We were sure we wanted someone pro. And one of first names that popped in my head was Rahul Bhatt."

Rahul and Krish – "Well we've never met each other so far (laughs). Rahul is Lakshman’s good friend. So when we were recording Blind Image with :akshman, he used to show me some songs that he was mixing for Rahul and that’s when I heard his voice for the first time. I've never heard a crystal clear voice like that before in my life. Many know Rahul as a mainstream music director who produces music for commercials and films but he is capable of much more (something they will witness from Grandiose Thinking). I called up Rahul one day and spoke to him about the vocal spot for this project and he took about 15 seconds to say yes, which completed the band’s line up!"

Rahul says - “Grandiose Thinking has retriggered my passion for song writing. I have written vocal lines and lyrics for various music producers, but none have yet given me the kind of freedom to experiment to the point I can drive myself and those around me mad!"

"The whole idea here is to create something surreal yet tangible. The point is to make some good music and of course have fun along the way. Having said that, Krish and the boys have put a lot of faith in me by putting me at the spot of lead vocalist and songwriter. I am here as part of a great team which is gearing up for a whacked out debut album, music videos and live performances!"

Tibu says - “I was waiting for something like this to happen!! I was called for a lot of bands after I came down but I was searching for a band with a positive vibe and deep vision. Well to play to electro in India its quite a tough deal especially when you are coming from the underground rock and metal scene because there are going to be people going to be commenting. So people worry about that and don’t go that way.”

"I was really glad when Krish pitched the idea to me!! I've know that guy for donkeys years and I knew he had a plan. After the first jam I could see possibilities with the line-up and material. Each musician in the band have accomplished a lot and have a lot to say, but to give the space for others and the way its working its absolutely phenomenal."

Harshan says - "Psyched about the new project, all the elements we're trying to mix are coming together really well," that’s all I can say!"

Shri says – "This project will stand out and tell people that Metal musicians are actually versatile against the ancient belief of we can't do things beyond Metal. Excited and very eager to get on stage with this band."

Why Grandiose Thinking?
Krish: I got this title from a horrible Tamil movie called 3. I had gone for this movie last weekend with my friends (miserable 3 hours of my life time) and I came across this term.

This term usually refers to Bipolar patients. But what it also means is, people who have this syndrome creates fantastic Illusions around them and believe in them and live in it. The mind of mad man is the most artistic mind. It got a lot to do with the possibilities of Human mind and how deep it is. It is mysterious and beautiful and it is also very dark in it own way.

So we felt our music is a lot more like that. It creates a trip which is more like an illusion and when you are there you will be living in it believing that the trip is real and even its very ambient, it got its darkness side to it as well.

Krish: Right now we are writing our material. One thing I ve realized is, you need a lot of patience to make this kind of music. It takes a long time to finish one song. We have finished like couple of songs so far and Rahul is working on the vocal lines for them right now. We are looking to finish the writing process for the first album in the next 6 to 7 months or much before that. It really depends on a lot of things. But we are in no hurry and we have a concrete plan for this band . We have planned to tour a bit starting from mid may or June and there is going to be a lot of touring post album release as well.

For more information, visit Grandiose Thinking's FaceBook's page. 

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