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Furtados Music Announces New PRS Guitar Endorsees


Furtados Endorsees

Furtados Music is proud to announce that Bryden Lewis from Bangalore Metal band SLAIN and Daniel Rego from Mumbai Metal band
DEMONIC RESURECTION have joined the Furtados artist family endorsing PRS Guitars. 

"To me, PRS Guitars has always been a company that stands for outstanding quality and craftsmanship, sonic versatility and a quest for tonal excellence. I've wanted to own a PRS guitar ever since I first came across an ad for the legendary Custom 24, while thumbing through an old guitar magazine as a kid." explains Daniel.

Daniel DemonicBryden Slain

Bryden was all praise for the company, "PRS makes great guitars. They are aesthetically pleasing and play like a dream. In two words, slick and sexy!".

The Paul Allender SE Model was Daniel's guitar of choice. "The first thing that struck me when I picked up the Paul Allender SE was the incredible playability of the instrument, with its wide-thin neck carve and fingerboard radius that fit my hands  perfectly. When I plugged it in, it responded well to everything from bludgeoning Metal rhythm to feather-light Jazz phrases.  It has the sonic range to keep up with almost anything, and looks gorgeous while at it. It's the perfect all-round  performer."

Bryden picked out the PRS Torero saying, "It catered to all of my needs as a Progressive/Hard Rock guitar player. Seems like it was tailor made for me!"

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