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Download: Army Of Christ-Reign Of The Righteous(Compilation)


Army Of Christ releases its first digital compilation titled REIGN OF THE RIGHTEOUS. It features 14 of the most intense Indian Christian Metal/Rock bands. Download the compilation for FREE. CHEERS!

1. Intro
2. Lamb Unbroken- Crucifix Guide
3. Wall Of Jericho- In Heavens Eyes
4. Inertia- Final Surrender
5. Faithful To The Core- Rueban
6. Yahweh- Transitpoint
7. My King- Crimson Wood
8. Place Of An Angel- Magdalene
9. Metamorphosis- Onslaught
10. Saved- Once Chosen
11. On The Cross- D'Whtestone
12. Adams Song- Revelations
13. Invictus- Drop Doubt
14. Twisted- Battalions
15. Final Dawn Zion- Whitenoiz
16. Outro
Army of Christ is a non-profit group based in India. It is meant to be a refrigerator of  insights into the Indian Christian Rock/Metal community where anyone can have access to the collective experience and wisdom gathered in the content. Army of Christ also strives to leverage their resources and platform to provide opportunities and open doors for artists as the Lord leads and provides.

Army of Christ believes that music is first and foremost a spiritual endeavor whose success is dependent on the work of the Holy Spirit. Talent is a great thing to have, yet also primarily a gift. The only thing a Christian artist can do to help their career is to educate themselves and act on that knowledge.

The time is right for a band who wants to influence and interact their world, impact their local communities, ignite societies and see the name of Jesus glorified above all. In this age of interactivity and digital content, it is now quite possible for the independent artist to have a wider reach than ever before. Army of Christ exists to help artists in this light.

For more information and DOWNLOAD, visit Army Of Christ's Official Website.

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