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Control Alt Delete To Go Entirely Crowdfunded

Voltaren Online Bestellen Xenos Control Alt Delete Crowdfunded Gigs The gig, on 30th September, will feature performances by a host of new and veteran Bombay Rock acts! Control Alt Delete, the gig that allowed fans to pay what they want to watch a great lineup of Alternative Rock bands, will now be set up from scratch entirely thanks to the financial contribution of fans. The event, a joint effort of promoters Bajaao, ennui.BOMB, NH7 and Sidestand, will be held on 30th September at Sitara Studios, Lower Parel (Mumbai) and will see performances by 10 bands representing the last decade of Bombay Alt Rock., a popular crowdfunding platform, will host the crowdfunding effort and fans are invited to contribute anything from Rs 200 to Rs 35,000; monies that will go towards the costs of setting up the gig. In return, fans will receive anything from free CD's and T-shirts, to a special performance by one of the bands right in their homes, depending on how much they choose to contribute. The gig will also mark the release of Stupiditties 666, the sixth edition of India’s premier un-metal compilation album, featuring 27 artists from around the country.

Buy Viagra Tablets Uk Control Alt Delete is the quintessential scene gig. It's an event that showcases new, alternative music without any agenda or pretensions. It's put together by people who have been part of the Bombay Rock scene for many years; people who've seen this scene grow from gigs at Razzberry Rhinocerous and suburban terraces, to huge music festivals and nationwide tours. And though the scene has become a marketer's delight, with every second event employing a liquor brand, some new jeans perhaps, would you like to get a better 3G service with your Punk Rock... there are still a few who like to do things themselves, representing a DIY ethic that has powered on for years and has seen the growth of the Bombay Alternative Rock scene from a handful of scenesters to a real movement.

Cephalexin Online Canada Control Alt Delete is a reminder of all that.

Cheap Xenical Originally, Control Alt Delete gave fans the unique option of paying whatever they wanted to watch a lineup of some of the best alternative, un-metal music the city had to offer. In the past, the gig has seen young bands like The Lightyears Explode and Blek cut their teeth here and earn many of the live chops they use to great effect in their sets these days. The gig has also featured performances from scene veterans like Split, and even a surprise set from Bombay Rock legends Zero.

Cialis Generika Online Kaufen Ohne Rezept This time around, that DIY ethic goes a step further and invites fans to make the gig happen. Fans have the power to make a scene, and the opportunity to put together what will undoubtedly be one of the coolest gigs of 2012.

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