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Arihant Releases New Single Why So Serious?


Arihant Why_So_Serious
ARIHANT, after the successful launch of our first single SELF-HATRED are going to release a new single called WHY SO SERIOUS? by the second week of November.

Yeah if you are fucking thinking of the "Batman Joker" that would be pretty wrong to conclude. Here the song's name has a  strong meaning behind it. Watch Out!

The production of the song will be handled by none other than LUCID RECESS STUDIOS who is known for its best production in the North-East region.

ARIHANT commented:
We have tried to make the sound as much good as we can. The song has got lots of Drums variations. And the riff of the song has beenput out by Bhaskar Deka the guitarist. Well we are basically an Experimental/ Death Metal but we would like to say that this time the song willbe Progressive/Slam Death Metal. Well talking about the lyrics it is based upon all of us. The song will be released by the. We hope you guys will like it. Till then Stay Sick!

For more information, visit ARIHANT's FaceBook page.

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