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Interview-Deeptaroop Basu(Ex-SINFUL OATH & Ex-KRIPA)

He has drummed his way into the Metal scene and established himself pretty firmly in the music industry. Deeptaroop Basu has played for bands such as SINFUL OATH and KRIPA, both highly successful in propagating Metal Music among the masses. IndianMusicRevolution caught up with him in a candid chat over Facebook. IMR: Hello Deeptaroop. Hope you are doing fine? Thank you for sparing some time for this interview. Tell me, you have been in the music scene for quite a while now. Was this your primary ambition since schooldays?
Pharmacy Cialis Uk Deeptaroop: Yeah, doing all right. Nope, I was no way related to music when I was in school!

see url IMR: So when did you start drumming and who inspired you? Deeptaroop: Since the second half of first year in college. No one inspired me, infact I was considering the entire thing as a time pass because me and my girlfriend from school got separated and therefore I had a lot of time in hand but had limited measures to spend/waste it. IMR: Wow, something you picked up to kill time has actually transformed your life to a great extent. You have been part of what people term as the 'band culture'. Do you agree with the critics when they say that there is a dearth of good musicians in the band scene and that the apparent success the bands achieve by playing in fests and pubs are shortlived?
Buy Ciprofloxacin Eye Drops Deeptaroop: There are great musicians infact and the success is definitely short lived for most of the musicians of my age because most pubs appoint commercial bands to play forever so new acts dont get a chance to play in pubs and fests dont provide good sound for band of all genres to perform equally well. There are a lot of fuck ups due to which talented musicians are stuck with least or no success! IMR: So how do you wish to continue on your musical journey keeping these problems in mind?
Cialis Online Prescription Australia Deeptaroop: Music has been an important part of my life since the time I took it seriously. Therefore there is no question of leaving the instrument I play. I have certain plans in future but I don't want to talk about them now.

follow IMR : Okay. I'm sure we will hear more of your beats in the coming days on an even grander scale. So, what kind of music do you listen to?Deeptaroop: I listen to a lot of music coz I have been playing with a lot of musicians from different bands in the city. But the bands I genuinely like have a definite story/feel behind the songs which influences a mind to imagine a situation/story while I'm listening to them. The songs I listen to mostly have strong extreme emotions attached to them. My favorite artist is Maynard James Keenan. Favorite Band: TOOL, A PERFECT CIRCLE and ALL SHALL PERISH.

IMR : Hmm... I'm eager to ask. Any goofups on stage that you like to forget?
Deeptaroop:  It's the same thing while I am playing too. I let my mind go free and I try to trip and experience the whole situation while I'm playing the song. It's an extremely good feeling and it doesn't matter where ever and whatever I am playing. Therefore every playing session is very exciting. No goofups really.

IMR: That's good. Wish you goofups-proof gigs in the future bro. What is your advice to all the aspirant drummers?
Deeptaroop: Advice to aspirant drummers- Practice Hard and feel the music when you are playing it. You should have a story behind every note you hit. And definitely listen to all genres of artists and bands to enhance your knowledge.

IMR: That's a nice piece of advice brother. Do you think that there is an abundance of metal bands in the country? What is your take on that?Deeptaroop: I don't think there are an abundance of Metal bands in the country, if that was the case then there would have been way more amount of gigs taking place in the country. But I'm sure the number of bands are increasing and thus I am wishing to see more amount of gigs and hoping that Indian bands will tour the world sometime in the near future.

IMR : Yeah, even I hope the same. Coming to gigs and concerts, Kolkata is hardly the venue for a good concert featuring International bands. How about all the musicians of the city planning to better this situation?
Deeptaroop:  I and a few more very hard working guys have been organizing THE PIT[the only metal fest of Kolkata], the 5th version of it is on the 19th of April where we are expecting more than thousand footfalls this time. The very first version of The PIT was sponsored from our very own pockets for the potential Metalheads of Kolkata. And the succeeding versions have been attracting more crowd every time. Therefore we are planning to make it huge in the future versions and planning to invite national and international acts as well.

IMR: THE PIT has been highly successful and I am looking forward to this year's edition as well. My best wishes to you for this noble attempt. A little tough question, LED ZEPPLIN or PINK FLOYD?
Deeptaroop: Both, I don't have the "aukat" to compare legends.

IMR : Not fair, but I will take the answer. Now, when you are high, you make good music? Or when you make good music, you get a high?
If you are talking about Marijuana, then I will certainly tell you I have been studying a lot about it, and I have watched documentaries, one is called: "The Union - The business behind getting high" which has stated that consuming Marijuana causes no damage compared to the damage caused by Tobacco, Alcohol and even Coffee. Marijuana is not an addictive drug, its the the smoking of Marijuana with Tobacco makes it harmful and addictive. It is just a mind enhancing power which enables you to feel music better and find the story behind the music. There are many great musicians who have brought a revolution by making music after consumption of Marijuana such as Bob Marley. But basically it is not necessary, you can feel music under any mind circumstances because all you have to do is relate your emotions to the music. And whatever music you are playing makes a story for you and listening to it the other potential listeners can relate to other situations, then its definitely good music. Being high or not being high doesn't matter, all you have to do is enjoy the music you are producing or listening.

IMR: Even I want to join you in the mission to educate everyone about the potential of Marijuana. And about music making a story, I wish you all the best in your life as a good author and storyteller:-). Last question to wrap it up, any one line you believe in?
Deeptaroop: Stop caring about the society. Do what you feel is fair, play an instrument if possible coz music does a lot of things to you and experience whatever possible because life is short and we all die young.

Thank you again Deeptaroop. It has been a pleasure chatting with you. Wish you good luck from Team IMR!

Debarshi Chowdhury is presently a student at Maulana Azad College, Kolkata. A music fanatic, he listens to a wide variety of music, from Country to Trance, and also does some, independently. Among his all time favourites feature PINK FLYOD, LED ZEPPLIN, QUEEN, DREAM THEATER, IRON MAIDEN, OASIS, KORN and others. He has tried his hands with a number of instruments, but in the end has settled for Guitar basically, though he claims to play the mouth Harmonica and Tabla too. He thinks that the Indian "Independent" Music scene is one of the best in the world at the moment, and he is always eager to be part of the revolution that should give independent or underground musicians the fitting prominent place they deserve in the International stage.

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