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3rd Sovereign - Interview

3rd Sovergein

IMR : Hails "3rd SOVEREIGN”! Firstly, thanks for taking time out for this interview, what’s the latest news from the "3rd SOVEREIGN's" camp? For our visitors, can we have a brief introduction of all the members?
3rd Sovereign:
Right now we’ve been working on a four song project which is going to be released in the US. The current line up of the band: Vedant-vocals, Vicky-Bass, Benjamin-Guitars, Reuben-drums.

IMR :Who came up with the idea of starting an extreme metal project? Did, band have certain hiccups in the line - up during the initial phase and do you think that the band has finally found a consistent and brutal bandwagon now? How did you people manage to still keep it alive as "3rd Sovereign”?
3rd Sovereign :
We couldn’t start off straight with extreme metal cause we can’t play. It’s tough J. We started with rock and thrash, whatever we can play, depends on the skills that we achieved. As we progress, we grew brutal and more intense and here we are now. Line up changes caused a lot of problems in the band, slowed down the progress of the band. The current line up is good enough to prove our music to anybody, anywhere, but nothing’s perfect. And right now the band experiences different kinds of hardships, lots of problems in and out of the band. Somehow the band is still alive by the grace of God, support by the fans (we are here because of you), friends and families.

IMR :The name sounds quite unique, but more like a Black Metal band. What is the reason behind keeping the name as "3rd Sovereign”?
3rd Sovereign :
Nothing’s behind the name, 3rd Sovereign= Us, that’s it.

IMR :Can you let us know how the metal scene in the eastern zone of our country is as I have heard that the numbers of bands out there are more than rest of the India?
3rd Sovereign :
No comment, I really don’t know.

IMR :You people sound close to the very famous Death Metal band called "Cannibal Corpse" according to all the metal heads. What would you like to say about it? What is unique about your music in comparison to them, list out some of your favorite albums?
3rd Sovereign :
Maybe! I don’t know and I don’t care. There’s already too much that can sound alike, even if you think about something out by yourself and put into music, still it might sound like something that you might not even have heard, just like that. Whatever comes into our head has been translated into music, that’s the fun. And that’s how we work these days. Even if we had one new riff, then sit down and continue with the rest that has to come, depends on the idea. You don’t have to copy any other music that has already been there, that you’ve already heard, think something by yourself and do it in your own way and that’s you. No more wannabe. And that’s us 3rd Sovereign J. My Favorite albums?? Hmm. Here we go:- Vile – Cannibal Corpse, Arise – Sepultura, The end Complete – Obituary, Scars of the Crucifix – Deicide, Lightning Strikes – Loudness, Balls to the Wall – Accept, Mean machine – UDO, Necroticism – Carcass, And justice for all – Metallica, Seasons in the Abyss – Slayer, Countdown to Extinction – Megadeth, Years Of Decay – Overkill ……. There’s too many.

IMR :As far as your lyrics is concerned, how much pain and hatred you try to include, list down some of your Indian/Foreign influences in Death/Black metal bands, both contemporary and legendary? If you would be ask to cover any Indian Band, which one would you like to cover?
3rd Sovereign :
Earlier, Jonah and I used to write the lyrics. And yeah, pain and hatred was the main subject as we dealt with the real world. We didn’t write things like chopping you to pieces, eating rotten flesh or some of the weirdest dreams about hell. I’d just write down what I feel about the world, my surroundings, corruption, and fake religions, negative influences of societies, family problems and such. No one has influenced my writings in person. And now Vedant writes the lyrics, we still sit together for the subjects; we still deal with the real world, ‘The life of Mortal’.
And that Indian Band would be Undying Inc.

IMR :When you people completed recording with your first number "Face of Despair”, how was the feeling? After that "3rd SOVEREIGN" has successfully climbed up the popularity ladder in India, even though not many sponsors have encouraged Death Metal music? Why is the reason behind that?
3rd Sovereign :
The feeling was great; we did something for the first step, that’s great. Today we’re here by the grace of God who gave us fans, friends and families, without which the band would be disband long ago. We don’t consider ourselves popular, but we have suffered and worked really hard to prove ourselves again and again, as it may be live performance or maybe recording. We have to give the best out of ourselves each and every time. There’s also one friend of mine, TAMULA, who is most responsible for me to be here, doing what I’m doing right now.

IMR :Can you tell us something about the EP "Horrified Vision" and the full length album "Destined to Suffer" in brief?
3rd Sovereign :
Horrified Visions was recorded in 2005 with the line up of Mala-vocals, Anshuman-Guitars, Jonah-Bass, Reuben-drums. The drum was recorded in Aizawl at Vega recording Studio, rest of the works were done in Delhi in our studio under the production of Chhaino. It was a four song EP. The songs were- Horrified Visions, Everlasting Burn, Suicidal Corpse and Destined to Suffer, and it was released under Demonstealer records. The full length ‘Destined to Suffer’ was recorded in 2007, in our studio (Studio 9/a), again with Chhaino, and it was released under Demonstealer records. The line up for this album was - Vedant-Vocals, Benjamin-Guitars, Jonah-Bass, Reuben-Drums. The songs were-Destined to suffer, Life of mortal, Necrophobia, Suicidal Corpse, Dying Sun, Gathering of lies, Victimized, Pathetic Ignorance, and Funeral rites.

IMR :How was the response for the full length album "Destined to suffer”? What's next, are you people planning to record the next album and what it will be a full length or an EP?
3rd Sovereign :
The response was great; it is now sold under Comatose label, in the US as well. We have already started working on the next project which is going to be released as a compilation with 3 more bands from abroad, also a compilation with Indian metallers Acrid Semblance and Undying Inc. After that will be the 2nd full length. We’ve already had enough materials for the full length and it’s only a matter of time to bring it out.

IMR :Many of the bands leave their musical journey because it is hard to make money out of playing extreme music and survive in the field, what would you like to say about it? Is each one of you a full-time musician or you people have your own personal obligations?
3rd Sovereign :
True, that is one of the biggest problems. I don’t even make enough money playing extreme music to earn my daily bread (ha ha). That’s why I have been working as a music instructor, and that’s the only way for me to keep on going with music, to do what I want. No matter what, I have to do something to survive. If we do something else which is out of music, that’s the day the band will start to fall. That’s why I don’t want to do anything else which doesn’t have any relation with music. And for me, for the time being, this really helps and plays an important role in the survival of the band.

IMR :There isn’t lack of talent in India for sure , but even though why do you think there are no media coverage’s for all the big events in India and no reality talent hunt shows for the metal scene ? Are there any more underground bands, but deserving bands in your circuit?
3rd Sovereign :
Yes, talent is there for sure but what we need is perfection, I think this is what we lack. And about the underground bands, I really have no idea.

IMR :Most of the bands in India are Death Metal why not Black/Doom/Gothic/Depressive, why is it so? How many years you think from now, it will take for the metal scene to establish its base in our country. Why?
3rd Sovereign :
What is death metal? Who plays death metal in India? It’s not just about distortion, screaming or growling. Like I mentioned before, without perfection, there’s no death metal. So, now who are the bands that you’ve mentioned that play death metal? I don’t see such bands around.

IMR :Tell us something about the best gig you had until now, how does the crowd support boost you up to perform as a pure Brutal Death Metal band? From the starting of your journey you guys got immense appreciation for your music, is there any destination that the band wants to achieve and hang up their boots?
3rd Sovereign :
That has to be IIT, Delhi, back in 2004. The original line up of the band played there. Although we didn’t win anything, we get great response out there though, which drives us to go deeper into the extreme metal. And that was the real starting point for the band to keep on going to be pure death metal band. Destination?? No idea, obviously much more than what is happening with the band right now! We give the best out of us and we don’t know where this thing is going to land us, but we know there’s something out there for us. That is the fun out of it. We are spontaneous but not random.

IMR & 3rd Sovereign :

What would you go for ::
1. Death Metal/Black Metal/Depressive Metal ---
Death Metal
2. Demonic Resurrection/BlackHole Theory/Narsil ---
3. I-Rock/GIR/Resurrection ---
4. Brutal/Technical/Grind core ---
5. MTV/Channel V/Vh1(All of them suck to the core anyways) ---

IMR :Now the space is all yours, what message you would like to convey to everyone attached to the musical scene?
3rd Sovereign :
Thank you for your time. Stay true, keep the metal alive. A Big Thank you from 3rd Sovereign Team (

* Thank you "3rd SOVEREIGN" for the interview, hopes to see you guys soon in Mumbai. Team IMR wishes you good luck for the future.



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