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Periphery-Periphery II:This Time It’s Personal

“Periphery II- This Time It’s Personal”, the second full-length release from Maryland based Progressive/Math Metal outfit Periphery. Featuring guitar wizard Misha ”The Bulb” Mansoor, Jake Bowen and Mark Holcomb on guitars, Spencer Sotelo...

Abnormality-Contaminating The Hive Mind

With the increasing rate of bastardization of Death metal these days, it's hard to find a band that's doing true Death Metal to keep the spirit alive. With the amalgamation of Death Metal with Hardcore and the bands opting for technicality, the song...
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Resist The Thought-Sovereignty

“Sovereignty” is the debut album from Sydney, Australia based 4-piece, Resist The Thought. The band presently comprises of Rhys Giles on Vocals, Conor Ward on Drums, Tim Aaron on Guitars and Mitchell Fairall on Bass.

7 Horns 7 Eyes-Throes Of Absolution

“Throes Of Absolution” is the debut full-length release from Seattle based 5-piece, 7 Horns 7 Eyes. The album has been released by Century Media Records. 7 Horns 7 Eyes features Brandon Smith on Bass duties, Aaron Smith and Sean Alf on Guitars,...

Slash-Apocalyptic Love

Described very aptly as the last "rock mongrel" of the Hard Rock era, Slash’s follow up to his solo endeavor is an all out ballsy and hard hitting, Classic Rock record. Those familiar with his work from the early days of "Guns 'N' Roses" to...

Caliban-I Am Nemesis

I Am Nemesis, the 8th studio effort from German 5-piece Caliban stretches to 45 minutes of play time. Caliban features vocalist Andreas Doerner, guitarists Denis Schmidt and Marc Görtz, bassist Marco Schaller and drummer Patrick Grün.

The Safety Fire-Grind The Ocean

The Safety Fire is a London based 5-piece Progressive Metal act, featuring Sean McWeeny on vocals, Joaquin Ardiles and Derya Nagle on guitar duties, and Lori Peri and Calvin Smith on bass and drums, respectively. Grind the Ocean is the band’s 2nd...

Cattle Decapitation-Monolith Of Inhumanity

Cattle Decapitation is a band, that I heard few times before as well. And to be very honest. I really like it. This is a band, formed by the influence of older Brutal Death Metal bands like Putrid Pile, Cephalic Carnage etc. They also tend to draw...
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Catheter-Southwest Doom Violence

Grindcore is one of my favourite genres, I really love the speed and the intensity of Grind, in fact this is the genre that got me into learning blast beats, when I couldn’t reach my drums I used to sit down in front of the speakers put on some...

Six Feet Under-Undead

To be very honest, I was never a fan of this band, and as hard as I try, I can never actually be a fan of this band. They have never produced any album that would lead me to say, "awesome stuff". Their last good work would be Death Ritual back in...
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