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Goo Goo Dolls-Something For The Rest Of Us

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GOO GOO DOLLS has been in the music scene for around 25 years now. This legendary American Alternative/Rock band started its journey way back in 1987 with John Rzeznik on the vocals and guitar, Robby Takac on the bass guitar and George Tutuska on the drums. Though the band has gone through several line-up changes, John Rzeznik remains the central figure of the band. With his inimitable voice and his capability to make every song of theirs sound fresh and lively, GOO GOO DOLLS has been capturing hearts of fans all over the world, selling well over 9 million albums in the United States alone.

buy official cialis Their first shot at stardom came with the release of their sixth studio album A BOY NAMED GOO, which had the track NAME. The song still is one of the most popular of the band, and the success that they enjoyed with this song paved the way for their seventh and the most critically and commercially accepted album to date, DIZZY UP THE GIRL(1998). The album included classics like IRIS, SLIDE, BLACK BALLOON which define the music of the band and which have given GOO GOO DOLLS a permanent place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. The band achieved superstardom with this album. GUTTERFLOWER(2002) also was a commercial success and contained tracks like HERE IS GONE, BIG MACHINE etc. which are also fan favourites. The band marked their 20th anniversary with the release of another great album LET LOVE IN(2006), which had a more mature sound and contained another array of evergreen GGD tracks like the title track itself, STAY WITH YOU, GIVE A LITTLE BIT, BETTER DAYS etc. 

SOMETHING FOR THE REST OF US(2010) seems to be the most commercial album from GOO GOO DOLLS till date. The album's easygoing nature with a simplistic touch and highly polished sounds makes for a great listening experience altogether. The distinctive vocals and the tempo remains intact and the smooth poppish riffs still retain the charm which has been instrumental in taking GGD to the top. This album doesn't have any standout tracks, which has been the case with all the band's previous albums, but as a package, this collection of mainstream Rock singles provides for easy listening. Rzeznik's lyrics have become more personal and mature, and songs like STILL YOUR SONG bring to light the band's prowess to put across complex emotions thtough very simple words,so characteristic of GGD. Infact, all the songs in this album have emotions embedded in them and they flow quietly as the songs play on. SWEETEST LIE, SOMETHING FOR THE REST OF US, NOT BROKEN etc. Infact, every song is worth listening. As maybe the case with other bands, GOO GOO DOLLS discography doesn't feature a single unsuccessful album nor a bad song. The only point one can make about this latest venture is that the album tends to get a little monotonous,musically, after sometime. But GGD more than makes up for it with their lyrics and the overall feel attached to each of the songs.

GOO GOO DOLLS shows no signs of retiring just yet. Already one GREATEST HITS album down, they are here to stay and entertain fans for many days to come. They remain one of the most underrated bands, even after surviving more than two decades and performing in sold-out venues worldwide and propagating a brand of Rock music not considered by the purists of the genre to be an exclusive one. GOO GOO DOLLS are probably the most successful band after BONJOVI in the genre that they both play in, maybe not in album sales but definitely in the number of fans who adore such simple songs with deep emotions.

enter Debarshi Chowdhury is presently a student at Maulana Azad College, Kolkata. A music fanatic, he listens to a wide variety of music, from Country to Trance, and also does some, independently. Among his all time favourites feature PINK FLYOD, LED ZEPPLIN, QUEEN, DREAM THEATER, IRON MAIDEN, OASIS, KORN and others. He has tried his hands with a number of instruments, but in the end has settled for Guitar basically, though he claims to play the mouth Harmonica and Tabla too. He thinks that the Indian "Independent" Music scene is one of the best in the world at the moment, and he is always eager to be part of the revolution that should give independent or underground musicians the fitting prominent place they deserve in the International stage.

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