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Circle Of Contempt-Entwine The Threads(E.P)

Circle Of Contempt-Entwine The Threads(E.P)
  1. Entwine The Threads
  2. Dare To Defy
  3. Transient Belief
  4. To Entitle Vacancy
  5. Perceive The Mendacity
  • Band / Artist Circle Of Contempt
  • Genre Metal / Progressive
  • Label Sumerian Records
  • Year 2012
  • Format EP
Rating 10/10

follow url Following weeks of hype and speculation Finnish Tech Metal crew “Circle Of Contempt”, have finally released their 3rd record “Entwine The Threads EP”. Circle of Contempt have undergone a crucial line-up change, and now possess vocalist Denis Hautaniemi in place of former vocalist Riku Haivisto who had been on the debut full-length “Artifacts In Motion”. They have also incorporated Ville Patrikainen as their new member. The Axe-wielding duo of Risto-Matti Toivonen and Ville Patrikainen and beastly skin-slammer JP Kaukonen has reprised their roles as the founding members.

source site With “Artifacts In Motion”, Circle Of Contempt had cemented the fact that they were leagues ahead of their contemporaries, with their Godly chops in their respective roles and vivid and air-tight, sound musicality to back it up. Ungodly riffing at break-neck tempos on string, earth-shattering vocals and unforgiving drum work, glitchy effects and hauntingly melodic soundscapes built from atmospheric wizardry marked C.O.C.’s sound. “Entwine The Threads E.P.” sees the 5-piece tighten up their sound notches higher, if that is even humanely possible given the near-immaculate execution on the full-length. The title track pretty much gives you the gist of what is to come. The production leaves plenty room for all the instruments to stand out from each other. Denis Hautaniemi’s deep gutturals are anointed by gentle piano notes here and there. Interesting thing to note is that the piano plays a respectable part in the song-writing process. Good to see a certain flow between the tracks when the 1st track ends and the 2nd track begins on the same melodic hint. A fair amount of electronica is prevalent too. At this point, it would be redundant to mention that no such thing as monotony exists within the album. All the tracks stand out from each other thanks to intuitive song-structuring. If partiality is to be voiced “Perceive The Mendacity” is the personal favourite- The plethora of sounds- the notes, the tones, the vibes, the complexity and the sharp contrast between the atmospherics and the vocals, et al. It is safe to say that this shall be the benchmark to judge all things C.O.C. henceforth. “Entwine The Threads E.P.” deserves every bit of attention it captured from the hype it generated over the last few weeks. Picture yourself kneeling in chest-deep water, with your eyes closed in anticipation of those ominous waves crashing against you; in case you are a little short on imagination, just wait for the outro to “Perceive The Mendacity” to come up- Surrealism Achieved. E.P.’s are not exactly a personal favourite, because most Artist ruin the entire feel, in an effort to cram everything they can within a few tracks; on the other hand, there are a few times when an E.P. comes out that hits the spot, perfectly. With precious little to crib about, C.O.C. rival the likes of veteran fellow Prog Jedis, Between The Buried And Me’s latest release The Parallax II which itself had three tracks that packed more punch than most of the generic records that (Pseudo-)Prog Metal outfits churn out these days. Simply put, the quality predicates the quantity.

Cheapest Kamagra Oral Jelly Uk When the news of the Sami Ratikainen (Necrophagist) taking care of the studio work for the record had been initially circulated, it became quite obvious that the sound would be nothing short of spectacular, polished in every hinge. Evidently Sami had left no stone unturned to produce one of the best E.P.’s of the year, leaving little room for any complaints and plenty to marvel at.

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Clearly achieving more than they had set out for, Circle Of Comtempt have unearthed the code to their greatness. Made of stuff that can lay complete venues to waste, “Entwine The Threads EP” was worth the wait, and deserves every second and penny of your time and money and more.

Arkadeep Deb, as of now is a 20 year old engineering student from Kolkata. When he’s not harmlessly trolling around or watching Two and a Half Men re-runs, he dabbles in all-things-Metal, Photography, Songwriting, Reviews, you name it. While building up his chops in guitar/ vocals as we speak, he’s doing his utmost to represent the genre he loves, protesting social-stereotyping and pigeon-holing of its followers and lending a patient ear to the beloved underground. His first tryst with Metal was 5 years ago, when one fateful day he popped a bootleg SLIPKNOT: SUBLIMINAL VERSES and LAMB OF GOD: ASHES OF THE WAKE split-record in the cd-tray. There has been no looking back ever-since.

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