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Rough Angel To Announce EP Hear The Angels Rock


Rough Angel

US Heavy Metal weights ROUGH ANGEL have announced to release their recordings from 1993. Recorded at Paramount Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA and engineered by Csaba Zvekan himself. These recordings originally intended for promoters and industry are now available for the public.

The 'lava' like music is lush and Heavy with aggressive vocals hovering over the music. In the 'Grunge' era it is a true classic and can be compared with bands like BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST and LED ZEPPELIN.

Csaba Zvekan who remastered these recordings had to say: "It's unbelievable how these recordings are almost two decades old and still have the power to convince the listener. The music and lyrics are still current especially these days. I got goose bumps remastering this piece of music. It definitely is a gift for all the friends and fans that are out there."

The players on the EP are
Jimmy Z. - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Marc Mougavero - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Ross Manzo - Bass Guitars
Dave Kappos - Drums

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1. Standing by Mirrors
2. Defiance
3. Let it Burn
4. Hear the Angels Rock


Rock'n Growl Management signed Csaba Zvekan in March 2011 to it's roster. So it comes to no surprise that these "lost and found" recordings will be published in close collaboration. ROUGH ANGEL's EP HEAR THE ANGELS ROCK will be available under Rock'n Growl Records. The digital release date is set to November 30, 2011.

On the latest release Label boss Axel Wiesenauer of Rock'n Growl Records said: "I'm really excited about expanding into label work. And so it always starts with a first release. Well, here it is ROUGH ANGEL "HEAR THE ANGELS ROCK"! Enjoy these great tracks".

Rock'n Growl Records can be contacted under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information visit ROUGH ANGEL's Official Website.

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