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Darkane To Release New Album This Summer!

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Bactrim Online Pharmacy Sweden's thrash death metal 5-piece is going to release a brand new album this summer!  

Viagra Canadian Online Pharmacy "The Sinister Supremacy" will be the band's sixth studio album and was recorded and produced by Darkane at the Darkane Studio. Daniel Bergstrand has mixed the album.

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The new album is the first album since "Demonic Art", which was released in 2008. It's also the first album with Lawrence Mackrory on vocals since the band's debut album "Rusted Angel", released in 1999.


Darkane have posted two short clips from the studio on their Facebook page, which you can enjoy here:

go Klas playing viola: Chris playing guitar:


Stay tuned for further album details!


Darkane's brand new album "The Sinister Supremacy" will be released in Europe via Massacre Records on June 28, 2013!


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