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Dark Descent Records & Destro Records Team Up For "Disease To Divide (Demo)" By Thevetat

Thevetat Disease To Divide 2012

NY Classic Death Metal band make their first offering. Deep in the mind since 2004, it wasn't until 2011 the beast that is Thevetat took its proper shape. Total filthy Death Metal is spewed forth in this three song demo. Crushing riffs, gutteral vocals, and relentless blasting open the gates of hell. Featuring members of Ceremonium, Hemlock and Cerebral Haemorrage, Thevetat bring unholy power to the abyssic domain of corruption with an emphasis on strong songwriting and occult themes. "Disease To Divide (Demo)" is a co-operation between Dark Descent Records and Destro Records. Death Metal that speaks for the dead.

Tracklist-Disease To Divide (Demo)
Transmigration Of Souls
Nihilistic Doctrine

"Disease To Divide (Demo) is currently streaming at this location

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