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Burial Vault's "Incendium" Out Now; Full Album Stream Up At

Burial Vault Album Streaming

One year after the release of their highly regarded debut melodic death metallers Burial Vault have released their sophomore effort, "Incendium," through Apostasy Records. 


The follow up to last year's critically-acclaimed Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction), Incendium is a conceptual piece inspired by Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451." With this album, the band developed a concept that embodies a metamorphosis of a human in an inconvenient future both on musical as on textual level. 


This dynamic and diverse album reaches from acoustic passages to eruptions of Black Metal blast-beats and slow Death Metal attacks. Inendium was recorded at Soundlodge Studios by Jorg Uken (God Dethroned, Dew-Scented, Defeated Sanity) and features artwork from Ben Borucki, (Agathodaimon, Suicide Silence). 


To mark the release of Incendium, the band hooked up with to stream the album in its entirety. To listen, visit this location


Incendium is available now worldwide. Visit to order. 


Augmentin Senza Ricetta Medica About-Burial Vault

Burial Vault was founded in 2006. The musical direction can be described as melodic death metal spiced with black metal, thrash metal and some progressive influences.The band refers to many different atmospheres and topics within their music. Abysses of humanity and history are the lyrical background of their tunes which have a great balance between brutal, melodic and atmospheric parts.


Burial Vault has made appearances at "Legacyfest 2009" and "Metalfest Germany 2010" and has shared stages with the likes of Drone, Jack Slater, Lay Down Rotten, Cripper, Torture Squad and Sinister (o.a.).


After two EPs: - There Is No Resort and Come To Grief - Burial Vault released their full-length debut, Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction), on Apostasy Records in 2012. A year later the band returns with Incendium.

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