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Anuryzm Announces New Video-Breaking The Ballot Anuryzm Breaking The Ballot Video Dubai based Progressive Metal act Anuryzm, have released a live montage video for their single, "Breaking The Ballot", which is taken from their debut album, "Worm's Eye View". View the video below!

Where To Buy Asacol Hd follow Singer Nadeem Bibby comments on the video:
"'Breaking The Ballot' is about saying enough is enough. We feel that for some time now things have been frustratingly morbid and dead-end. The song is meant to inspire people to wake up and instigate change for the better even if just for once in their lives." We wanted to do a video that looked and felt different than the norm but had that "on the road" vibe to it so that our fans and viewers could see the real side of what it means to be in Anuryzm. The result we feel is something very honest and not exaggerated." Anuryzm's debut album "Worm's Eye View" was released by Melodic Revolution Records on 17th July and over the course of 8 tracks, is a heart-stirring journey that seamlessly blends Metal, Progressive Metal, and Jazz leanings into an ever-changing musical illustration. Featuring guest appearances from Martin Lopez (Soen, Opeth, Amon Amarth), Jazz bassist Rami Lakkis and synth player Uri Dijk (Textures, Ethereal), the album was produced by John Bakhos & Miltiadis Kyvernitis at MNK studios and mixed, mastered by Miltiadis Kyvernitis. Drums were recorded by Martin Lopez in Sweden.

go site "Worm's Eye View" is out now and is available via Melodic Revolution Records or from all good online retailers.

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