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Latest News | International Tue, 28 Mar 2017 15:44:32 +0000 en-gb Cloudkicker New Album “Subsume” In The Works

Cloudkicker Subsume

One man Juggernaut, Ben Sharp, the brains behind Cloudkicker plans to release the next album, titled “Subsume” come September 14th. What started as a Modern Prog Metal mean-machine, Cloudkicker expanded its soundscape towards a conventional post-rock sound, with the last full-length album, “Fade”. You can read IndianMusicRevolution’s review of “Fade” here: “Subsume” can be pre-ordered for 1$ or more from the band’s Bancdcamp page:


The following message was issued by Ben Sharp on his blog:

“Hello all,

Sorry about the delay in publishing details, I went to go buy some shirts. Subsume is the name of the new album and it will be released in two weeks on September 14.

I’m going to do something new and fun this time. As of now, Subsume is available for digital pre-order via Bandcamp(which is now the same thing as You will instantly notice that the pre-order is not free, but rather $1 or more. Don’t worry; once the proper album is released it will be done so using the familiar $0 or more. Let me explain.


When you pay $1 or more for the pre-order, your email address will be registered with Bandcamp so that the instant the album is made available for download you will be notified. Due to a quirk in the Bandcamp software, the only way to accomplish this is by charging you an amount of money. The minimum is 51 cents but I thought that was a very odd number and upped it to a plain old dollar.


As a present for pre-ordering the album you will be able to download a remixed version of the first track, titled “The warmth of the daytime seemed like a dream now.” This remix was created by t16, who some of you may know is my brother. Once the album is released it will not include this song, although you will be able to stream it from his Soundcloud page. So that’s another incentive to pre-order.”


Given that the his entire body of work is available for free digitally, Sharp has eschewed the issuing of CD’s and plans to release two different LP versions. More details about the album and related merch bundle can be found here:


Based out of Ohio, Ben Sharp started Cloudkicker way back in 2007 as an instrumental project. So far the entire discography is available for streaming and free download from the bandcamp page. 



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Ephel Duath Finishing Work On New Album; First Details Revealed

Ephel Duath New Album 2013

Next July, experimental metallers Ephel Duath will return to Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. Together with producer Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, Hate Eternal) the band will complete the recording sessions for their new album started last February, and do the final mix. Alan Douches will master the songs at his West West Side Studios, NY.


Ephel Duath's new album will once again feature the incredible Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Kreator, Necorphagist) on drums, joined this time by his band mate Bryan Beller (The Aristocrats, Dethklok, Joe Satriani) on bass.


The recording line-up is as follow:

Davide Tiso - guitars

Karyn Crisis - vocals

Marco Minnemnn - drums

Bryan Beller - bass


Featuring 8 new songs and reaching over 55 minutes of total length, Ephel Duath's new album is a multilayered hybrid of death metal, jazz and post rock, blended together with a strong will to experiment and with no boundaries in sight.


"I wanted this album to be a strong statement" - comments Davide Tiso. "And I believe we achieved that. Every time I put together a release for Ephel Duath, I deal with it as if it was our last. Would I be OK to let this album be the band's last shout? Yes, I definitely would. I compose music to primarily please myself; doing it puts my mind in a very specific place, a spot where I feel fitting-in much, much better than in everyday life. Playing my guitar for Ephel Duath I get the peace and the release I need to keep myself going. I'm an avid metal listener but when I play for Ephel Duath I don't feel the need to bring my music to fit any parameters, at the same time I don't put any efforts whatsoever to sound different: I just let go and navigate."


"Songs are coming out effortlessly and quicker the older I get, and I believe that with this new album I reached the highest level of intensity of my entire musical career" - continues Davide. "Lyrically the new songs dig deep in higher self subject matters, combining brutally visual imagery with a painfully honest soul searching quest."


Some of the new songs titles are: "Tracing The Path Of blood", "Feathers Under My Skin", "When Mind Escapes Flesh".


Ephel Duath's new album will come out in the fall of 2013 on Agonia Records, it will be available in digital, CD and vinyl version.

]]> (Pravin) Recent News Wed, 29 May 2013 00:00:00 +0000
Necropsy Inks Deal With Xtreem Music

Necropsy Signs Xtreem Music

Legendary finnish death metallers Necropsy have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their brand new 4-song mini CD "Psychopath Next Door" and their upcoming 2nd full length album most probably for 2014. 


Formed back in 1987, the band released numerous demos and EP's until 1993 when they disbanded to later reform in 2011. Among these early recordings, the band did a split LP with Demigod and they're having all these demos, split and EP's re-issued on a 3-CD/4-LP set through Century Media under the title of "Tomb Of The Forgotten" out in June 2013. After releasing their debut full length in 2011, the band started long negotiations with Xtreem Music resulting on a deal that will see their new work widely spread, putting back the band's name on the underground death metal map in hopes to get the recognition they always deserved.


"Psychopath Next Door" delivers 4 songs of heavy and catchy classic death metal with their usual finnish touch. Release date for this EP is still not decided though it should happen during summer 2013. For now you you can actually listen to an advance song on the following link:

]]> (Pravin) Recent News Thu, 30 May 2013 00:00:00 +0000
French Progressive Metallers Uneven Structure Streaming '8' Ahead Of Release

Uneven Structure 8 Streaming

With little under a week to go until french progressive metal explorers Uneven Structure release their re-worked, re-recorded and re-packaged 8 EP, the band have released a full stream for fans to enjoy via Basick Records. Listen below! 


8 has been reworked to add in the vocal prowess of Matthieu Romarin and is presented as one 24 minute long track, in eight movements. The record showcases their distinct soundscapes with fierce poly metric metal. Think Pink Floyd’s creativity meets Meshuggah’s brutality with a side serving of Devin Townsend’s progressive charm. The band recently released a haunting new video which perfectly showcases their sound and artistic ethos. 


Comments guitarist Igor Omodei: "8, as a collective piece is something we love to play live but the way we do now is quite different from the 2009 EP. So we decided to release this altered version by going back to the drawing board, reworking it, taking advantage of the lineup consolidation and technical progress we've been through since the original was out. This is a thank you to our fans for being so supportive and believing in us, and we really hope they will enjoy what we’ve done with it. Whilst they enjoy this, we’re busy in our batcave, working on our second album. We want to get that exactly right as it’s a concept album, the technical aspect is more engaging than on Februus and we're leaving more room for experimentation which means our writing spectrum is broad as hell.”


The band are already hard at work on the follow up to their first album Februus, and are also set to appear in July at Techfest with a tour planned for Sept/October this year. 


The 8 EP and Februus album bundles will be released by Basick Records on June 3rd. Available in stores, via all good online digital retails and via the Basick Records webstore.



]]> (Pravin) Recent News Tue, 28 May 2013 00:00:00 +0000
Aborym Is Streaming The Second CD Of "Dirty" With Terrorizer Magazine

Aborym Streaming Dirty Terrorizer Magazine

Terrorizer Magazine has premiered the second CD of Aborym's new double album "Dirty". While the first CD contains of original material only, the second CD is made of two completely re-recorded tracks from  “Fire Walk With Us” and “Kali Yuga Bizarre” albums, covers of Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails tracks as well as a special album-closing track, preformed together with fans of the band. It can be streamed here:


"Dirty" is out now in Europe and will be available in North America on the 11th of June.


Featuring 16 new tunes in total, the upcoming double album will be made available in digipack, gatefold LP and jewelcase CD formats via Agonia Records. The jewelcase edition will only feature the frist CD of "Dirty", currently available for streaming via Noisey at:



CD 1

1. Irreversible Crisis

2. Across the Universe

3. Dirty

4. Bleedthrough

5. Raped by Daddy

6. I don’t Know

7. The Factory of Death

8. Helter Skelter Youth

9. Face the Reptile

10. The Day the Sun Stopped Shining



11. Fire Walk With Us (new version originally released on “Fire Walk With Us”)

12. Roma Divina Urbs  (new version originally released on “Kali Yuga Bizarre”)

13. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden Cover)

14. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Cover)

15. Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

16. Need for limited loss (new track)


Formed in 1992 by frontman Fabban, Aborym started life as a covers band and went through several transformations, eventually pioneering what the band calls "hard-industrial-electro extreme metal". With "Dirty" being band's 6th full-length release, the current line-up consists of: Fabban - vocals, bass and synths; Paolo Pieri (Hour Of Penance) - guitars, keyboards and programming and Bard “Faust” Eithun (Blood Tsunami, Mongo Ninja, ex-Emperor) - drums.

]]> (Pravin) Recent News Wed, 29 May 2013 00:00:00 +0000
Crystal Ball Signs With Massare Records

Crystal Ball Massacre Records

Swiss hard rock legends Crystal Ball have signed with Massacre Records!     


Everything started back in 1995, when Crystal Ball were a cover band named Cherry Pie. They used their stage experiences as foundation for Crystal Ball, who soon became one of Europe's major forces in the hard rock genre.


Their successful debut album "In The Beginning" was released in 1999, followed by the even more successful "Hard Impact" in 2000.


They soon signed with Nuclear Blast and toured with bands such as U.D.O, Doro and Axxis. After the release of their fifth album, "Timewalker", Crystal Ball went on their first headliner tour with Thunderstone.


In 2007, Crystal Ball signed with AFM Records and released their sixth album "Secrets".


Now, in 2013, the band's back with a brand new line-up featuring a great new vocalist, Steven Mageney.


They're currently working on their seventh album, which is set to be released later this year via Massacre Records!

]]> (Pravin) Recent News Sat, 01 Jun 2013 10:47:59 +0000
International Day Of Slayer Becomes Yearly Holiday

Slayer Band International Holiday

In the wake of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's death, the directors of the International Day of Slayer -- the Slayer-centric holiday that sprang to life on 6/6/06 -- announce a change in the status the celebration of this year's version of "the world's first heavy metal holiday."


"With the passing of Jeff Hanneman, it would be reasonable to assume that the 2013 celebration of the International Day of Slayer would be a somber one," said Hessian spokesperson and International Day of Slayer CEO Jim Tate, "but nothing could be further from the truth. This year more than any other demands full engagement and celebration from Slayer fans and hessians across the globe." Tate explained that the term "Hessian," derived from the long-haired maniacal mercenaries of the revolutionary war, is a term of cultural self-reference for metal fans.


He explained that the significance of the International Day of Slayer goes far beyond Slayer. "The outside world was once again forced to reckon with us as a cultural movement when they acknowledged the loss of one of metal's most important figures, so it would be a mistake to simply hang our heads and close up shop. Jeff made music that was loud and defiant, and we must continue to uphold this standard in how we commemorate him and represent the hessian community," said Tate.


Many commentators view Slayer as the "archetypal metal band" because of their uncompromising approach, their weaving of a mythology combining technology and occultism, and their unapologetic pursuit of a lifestyle apart from what modern society considers normal. In fact, some consider Slayer the saviors of heavy metal, which was veering toward the populist path which would lead to its assimilation by rock music, and absorption into a "metal-flavored" version of rock for sale as a mainstream product.


International Day of Slayer CTO Dag Hansen spoke up on this point. "Pizza wasn't invented in Italy, Chinese restaurant food was invented in New York, Sri Racha sauce was created in California, Dutch ovens aren't Dutch and French fries have no relation to France," Hansen. said. "We don't want metal to become another culture absorbed by the money machine and turned into a pale imitation of itself."


"We at IDoS ask you to again stand up in the name of Slayer, in the name of metal, and in the  name of Jeff Hanneman, and remind the rest of the planet that we are here, and we will not be going away anytime soon," said Tate. "Good music is heroic and ultimately immortal, and now more than ever, the music of Slayer is exactly that. They created the battle hymns that so many of us have used to navigate our lives, ones we will continue to rely upon to as the days ahead grow ever darker. We cannot let these works fade with time. It is sometimes hard to remember that Slayer is comprised of mortal men like ourselves, but with the proper dedication and stewardship, their works can last a thousand years and join the ranks of masters like Beethoven and Wagner. This is what we must strive for by insisting on bands like Slayer for us and future generations."


Reminding listeners that as every year, this year the International Day of Slayer will be on the same date, with the same agenda. "Join us. It is never too late to make your voice heard. Metal is the mission, Slayer is our weapon. On June 6th, stand with us to celebrate as visibly as we can," said Tate. "Don't go to work, listen to Slayer!"


The International Day of Slayer website exhorts users to:

a) Listen to Slayer at full blast in your car.

b) Listen to Slayer at full blast in your home.

c) Listen to Slayer at full blast at your place of employment.

d) Listen to Slayer at full blast in any public place you prefer.


DO NOT use headphones! The objective of this day is for everyone within earshot to understand that it is the National Day of Slayer. National holidays in America aren't just about celebrating; they're about forcing it upon non-participants.

Taking that participation to a problematic level


a)Stage a "Slay-out." Don't go to work. Listen to Slayer.

b) Have a huge block party that clogs up a street in your neighborhood. Blast Slayer albums all evening. Get police cruisers and helicopters on the scene. Finish with a full-scale riot.

c) Spray paint Slayer logos on churches, synagogues, or cemeteries.

d) Play Slayer covers with your own band (since 99% of your riffs are stolen from Slayer anyway).

e) Kill the neighbor's dog and blame it on Slayer.

]]> (Pravin) Recent News Sat, 01 Jun 2013 05:24:43 +0000
Burial Vault's "Incendium" Out Now; Full Album Stream Up At

Burial Vault Album Streaming

One year after the release of their highly regarded debut melodic death metallers Burial Vault have released their sophomore effort, "Incendium," through Apostasy Records. 


The follow up to last year's critically-acclaimed Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction), Incendium is a conceptual piece inspired by Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451." With this album, the band developed a concept that embodies a metamorphosis of a human in an inconvenient future both on musical as on textual level. 


This dynamic and diverse album reaches from acoustic passages to eruptions of Black Metal blast-beats and slow Death Metal attacks. Inendium was recorded at Soundlodge Studios by Jorg Uken (God Dethroned, Dew-Scented, Defeated Sanity) and features artwork from Ben Borucki, (Agathodaimon, Suicide Silence). 


To mark the release of Incendium, the band hooked up with to stream the album in its entirety. To listen, visit this location


Incendium is available now worldwide. Visit to order. 


About-Burial Vault

Burial Vault was founded in 2006. The musical direction can be described as melodic death metal spiced with black metal, thrash metal and some progressive influences.The band refers to many different atmospheres and topics within their music. Abysses of humanity and history are the lyrical background of their tunes which have a great balance between brutal, melodic and atmospheric parts.


Burial Vault has made appearances at "Legacyfest 2009" and "Metalfest Germany 2010" and has shared stages with the likes of Drone, Jack Slater, Lay Down Rotten, Cripper, Torture Squad and Sinister (o.a.).


After two EPs: - There Is No Resort and Come To Grief - Burial Vault released their full-length debut, Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction), on Apostasy Records in 2012. A year later the band returns with Incendium.

]]> (Pravin) Recent News Thu, 30 May 2013 00:00:00 +0000
Autopsy, NPR Music Premiere New Track 'Arch Cadaver'

Autopsy New Single Arch Cadaver

July 2 will mark the return of Autopsy, the U.S master of brutality, with the band's sixth studio opus of horror and all-out madness, The Headless Ritual, on Peaceville Records. The Bay Area death metal legend has teamed up with NPR Music to premiere the first cut, "Arch Cadaver," off the upcoming album at:


After listening to the new track, fans can head over to the Peaceville web-store for a variety of The Headless Ritual pre-order options, including bundles with an exclusive Autopsy shirt design, at: All pre-orders also include a special free Autopsy patch featuring the album cover artwork (while supplies last).


Featuring the returning quartet of Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler, Danny Coralles, and Joe Trevisano, The Headless Ritual is a relentless monster of violent and brutal death metal mastery delivered in the unmistakable Autopsy style of chaotic riffing, insane solos and doom-filled interludes, all served with the band's unhinged brand of vocal sickness.


The album was recorded and mixed April 2013 at Fantasy Studios, San Francisco, Calif. with Adam Munoz, and features cover artwork by renowned artist Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin).


Said drummer/vocalist Chris Reifert, "Expect nothing less than the monstrous brutality that Autopsy has been known to offer. Laurels will not be rested upon, trends will not be followed and mercy will not be shown. Mark your calendars for June and pick out a coffin to lie down and die in. Darkness and death await..."


Tracklist-The Headless Ritual

1. ‘Slaughter At Beast House’

2. ‘Mangled Far Below’

3. ‘She Is A Funeral’

4. ‘Coffin Crawlers’

5. ‘When Hammer Meets Bone’

6. ‘Thorns And Ashes’

7. ‘Arch Cadaver’

8. ‘Flesh Turns To Dust’

9. ‘Running From The Goathead’

10. ‘The Headless Ritual’


Among the early breed of U.S death metal pioneers, Autopsy formed in 1987 in the San Francisco Bay Area and released four albums on Peaceville Records. Beginning with the classic debut Severed Survival in 1989, the group disbanded in 1995 with members going on to form Abscess. Autopsy triumphantly and officially returned from the grave after a 15 year hiatus with the 2010 EP, 'The Tomb Within,' followed by the release of the band's widely acclaimed fifth studio album, Macabre Eternal in 2011.

]]> (Pravin) Recent News Tue, 28 May 2013 00:00:00 +0000
Mordecai Releases Their Debut Album Titled 'Undaunted'

Mordecai Undaunted Album Release

Croydon based hard rockers in Mordecai have finally released their debut album, 'Undaunted', in time for their return performance at Download Festival 2013. Along with this release comes a brand new music video for their new single 'Turning Tricks'.


Mordecai are a South London based hard rock band infusing a great equilibrium of southern american rock, juxtaposed with their own rich, dark, and melodic homegrown british twist.


2012 saw Mordecai reach new heights with performances at Download Festival, be crowned ‘New Band Of The Year’ at the Pure Rawk Awards, gain a place in the regional finals of the global battle of the bands with Hard Rock Cafe/Hard Rock Calling.

]]> (Pravin) Recent News Thu, 30 May 2013 00:00:00 +0000