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Interview With Antim Grahan(Nepal)


IMR: Hello Parash! Firstly, I would like to thank you on behalf of Team IMR for the interview with IndianMusicRevolution. As you guys would be new to our readers, can you describe the origins, inception & history of ANTIM GRAHAN from the beginning till today?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
Hey Pravin, thanks for the opportunity and it is our honor to be presented in IMR.
We started out as a usual bunch of guys during the school days with no prior concern of becoming a serious metal band. We just started playing because it was fun. But after fooling around for a couple of months with all the noise making, and getting the right member in with similar choices in the music, we started ANTIM GRAHAN. We started out as a relatively thrash influenced melodic metal with the heavy essence of Black Metal band and we took out an album soon after FOREVER WINTER. And that album pretty much set up the tone for our path in future. We knew that we had found something, which we had always wanted.  Although now the genre that we played before has shifted a bit now and we play more of Brutal Death Metal/Grind Core/Black Metal for our new stuffs. We have released 4 albums till date and going to the studios in mid June. The new stuff will be the heaviest metal release ever in Nepal.

IMR: To be frank enough, the first time when I heard about ANTIM GRAHAN, I thought it is an Indian band but when I came to know you guys are from Nepal it really surprised me a lot, may be that laid me to dig some more talented bands out there in your region. Tell us what the meaning behind the name ANTIM GRAHAN is, is it a mere description of your music or a different subject of matter completely?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
Well to be honest, the name came up accidently when the guitarist of the band, Pankaj was joking around with his friend. But since we were more into Black Metal and the philosophies of the songs that we wrote were almost the same meaning that was of the band, we decided that we would stick to it.

IMR: Since the inception of the band there have been many line-up changes, is ANTIM GRAHAN now a powerful unit of frostbitten corpses? What is the driving force of influence for the band?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
As for now, yes. We are pretty much together now and this lineup would most probably get stuck for a pretty long time. We have the right “frostbitten corpses” with us now!!! And the main influence behind our driving force is the unadulterated rush of the metal underground. It is the music itself that is why we are still here.

IMR: Tell us about the themes for your music and lyrics, is the band based upon satanic ideals or possibly your own musical themes or philosophies?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
Although there are satanic elements in our lyrics, we do not reach out for the satanic propaganda.  We have always been storytellers and more or less all our lyrics deals with dark fantasy. So it is just like a bloody horror movie.

IMR: While going through your FaceBook fan page I found that you guys are currently working on a new album. Can you share some information regarding the new album tile, lyrical content, album cover, song-titles, and release date to keep us going until release? What are the band’s immediate plans for when the album is released?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
Yes, we are working on a new album right now. In fact we are going in the studio this June. So the album would most probably be out in the mid July. We are planning for a tour for the album promotion in July itself. So looking for some eventful days in the future.

IMR: ANTIM GRAHAN's musical composition has always been vivid and variegated, tell us how you guys going to keep your thought process impertinent on the new album? Are you guys planning to explore new subjects and hunt for varied sources of inspirations?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
Like we discussed earlier, the new album will be different from our previous efforts. We had been always playing with more of a black metal sound all these times. Our previous record “The ruins of immortals” had a slight change in style with hint of death metal/ grind core. But the new record will focus more on the brutal death metal/ grind core section with some black metal elements. And the lyrical interpretation might be slightly different this time.

IMR: Talking about the band's experimentation, do you believe that Black Metal is a restricted genre with certain limitations or do you think it can be explored more and bring in the modern styles and creative thought process? Do you put your personal notions into your music or do you prefer to keep them to yourself?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
I personally believe that sticking one genre strictly is not a right method. We have always been associated with Black Metal, but the elements of Thrash/Death/Grind Core/Folk could be found in our music and my personal notion does reflect in the music. I support in the belief that genre of music could be explored and experimented but it doesn’t mean that you bring in Metal Core or any such genre. I abhor these kinds of music. But of course, this is my personally statement, views might differ.

IMR: ANTIM GRAHAN's sound production has always been magnificent; do you guys spend hours for learning new recording techniques to get the desired output?  
Antim Grahan(Parash):
We must say that we always have been lucky in this case. We always had the help of very good sound engineers during our recording who were happy to help us even beyond the recording hours and didn’t charge us extra. So the more time you spend with your recording process, the better your output is.

IMR: Talking about the song structures of ANTIM GRAHAN there always have been so many twists and turn musically ranging from melodic to extreme, also shrieking vocal delivery. How do you guys prepare yourself for such an execution when you deal with the recording process in the studio?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
The recording process is normal, as anyone would use really. I mean there is metronome going for the drums, bass, guitars, keys and vocals. Though we do not have the privileges to take extra time any of these sessions and more or less, you have to complete it in one go. Or else the financial constraints will paralyze you. Thus we are ready mentally, when we go of for the recordings. The songs are pretty much rehearsed well enough and when in there, you just try finish it in one take. It’s for every band in Nepal I believe unless you are some hotshot gay idol mainstream faggot, because then your company pays it.

IMR: Describe the bands earliest local club shows and concerts. How was the response from the crowd in those early days?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
I think our first ever show was in a gig where we were allowed to play because they thought we were a pop band supporting for the main act, another pop singer. They all stared at us like a statue after we finished our set. There wasn’t even a single applause from the crowd. It was fun.

IMR: Describe the reaction to all of your releases in Nepal and other foreign countries. How has the band progressed over the course of these albums?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
We must say that the reaction at home and even aboard has been amazing!! We always have had the support from the home crowd and they anticipate for a good album from us. I think this is one of the other main reason that we are still going on strong. Whereas, we took out our last release from Japan and the new release would be associated with a record label in USA. So the foreign lands too have been appreciative towards what we are doing and it is always encouraging.

IMR: Which of your four releases you would consider to be the best opus, considering every aspect from the album point of view till date and why?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
All our albums have the equal value to us. We have worked hard on each of the album that we released till date. But if we have to choose, the first album FOREVER WINTER has to be the most essential because of this album, we are what we are today. It basically gave us the fans and support and recognition for the future to come.

IMR: On a personal note, at what age you found yourself thirsty for metal music and who/what turned you on to metal chambers during your younger days? Also do you think the scene has changed drastically in the past years? Could you lay down some of the advantages and disadvantages that have come out till today?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
I think I first got to listen to METALLICA’s track KILL ‘EM’ ALL when I was about 14 years old. That was something new for me. My cousin gave it to me. Then bands like SODOM, VENOM etc started happening. And thus the rest is history. And yes, our scene has changed very drastically in these few years. More good bands are coming out and the whole covering syndrome of METALLICA/MEGADETH is disappearing.  Bands are more inclined towards originals and much more extreme form of music are slowly being accepted. The disadvantages that we have, however, is the fact that the bands do not stick around for a longer period of time. And we cannot blame them, given the condition around for the underground bands in our parts of world.

IMR: The band has been in the scene for almost 8 years, has it been difficult to gain interest from potential labels or to distribute your releases in and outside the global circuit?
Antim Grahan(Parash):
I really do not think that we had any such problems regarding record labels and stuff. KTMROCKS RECORDS has been our home label from the start and we are associated with GORE-KHA RECORDS from USA now. We did release our album from Japan and the distributions have been world wide. Few people from Singapore, Norway and France are interested for the new album, So I think it is not so bad for now.

IMR: Before we wind up, describe your music in one word and what would you say to our readers to convince them to check out your music? Thank you!
Antim Grahan(Parash):
Extreme!! Haha, couldn’t think of any other words really. But yeah, if the readers are interested to hear some good music from Nepal, and if you are a little into the brutal side of metal, you can just give it a try. Our link is :
Thank you for the interview. All hails from Nepal.

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

Pravin Prajapati, also the co-founder at IMR is an avid Underground Music follower. Basically, he likes listening to al the good/creative music around that can please/blast his ear drums such as Metal, Rock, Carnatic, Classical, Alternactive, Jazz, Soul, Avant-Garde, Country, Folk, New-Age and Trance.
In his free time, he loves listening music, photography, playing football and lil-bit of bird-watching. He is a psychic thinker when it comes to innovative thinking and also a crazy arguer when it comes to debate. Besides these, he is also the Founder at LUBUS(Web-Development,Graphic Designing & SoftwareDevelopment) freelancing group.  

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