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Interview: Julia Flansburg(Angelical Tears)


Vermox Ricetta Facile IMR: Hello Julia Flansburg and thank you for this interview with IndianMusicRevolution. Would you please start off by telling us a bit about ANGELICAL TEARS inception and how you became a member of the band for our readers?
Glenn and I decided to start a band, with a sound different than most other bands around.  He wanted the name to be something with angels and I wanted the name to be something with tears. So we just combined two names – ANGELICAL TEARS. That’s how it all started.

IMR: Also, I would also like to congratulate you guys on behalf of Team IMR for the release of your self-titled debut ANGELICAL TEARS(E.P). How had been the reactions so far from the fans and media?
Thank you! So far, the reception has been great. It really has surprised a lot of people and we’ve been steadily gaining new fans. Initial reviews have been very positive, so all in all, we are very happy with the reception it has received.

IMR: How are things going in the studio, are you guys writing and recording at the moment for your full-length record?
We are in the process of writing new material, but we do not expect to go into the studio to  record until later in 2011. The music will be a step forward for us with more keys, heavier guitar, etc.

IMR: ANGELICAL TEARS(E.P) really comprises of some potent gothic influences along with scorching guitar solos and beautiful keyboards. Tell us how did you guys manage to produce such a power-packed sound for your first release?
The band has had its share of personnel changes since it was started and we’ve now managed to put together the right combination of musicians. Mike Finucane at ECHOLODGE STUDIOS both engineered and produced the CD. He provided some valuable feedback that helped shape the final sound of the songs.

IMR: Tell us about your concept and lyrical inspirations for the songs and what did you guys tried to project with ANGELICAL TEARS(E.P)?
The lyrical content was written primarily by me. Steven, our guitarist, helped with the lyrics on  CHASING ETERNITY With the exception of CHASING ETERNITY, which was practically a compete rewrite in the studio, the material just kind of sprouted up as the band grew from its founding. We tend to write about life experiences or at least songs inspired by them rather than fantasy subjects.  On the EP, the songs just all happened to focus on relationships.

IMR: Which song has the most personal meaning to you, and why?
All songs are personal to me, since I write about my experience and feelings. But probably the most personal is CHASING ETERNITY.  It’s about a long distance relationship. You meet a person, but he/she lives far away from you. It’s hard not to see him/her every day. Those lyrics came from my real life experience.

IMR: How would you describe your music to grab some potential music listeners who have not yet heard the new album?  
Comparisons with other bands in the genre are hard to avoid, but the set of influences ranging from Classical, to Goth, to Alternative, to Metal gives us a sound that is uniquely ours.

IMR: On a personal note, tell us about your musical background and training. Did you always want to become a singer? What are your hobbies or other things that you love to do other than music?
My musical background started with 7 years of piano lessons. But prior that when I was about 3, I was playing with a potato masher – pretending that it was my microphone and singing different songs into it. Then about a year ago I started taking voice lessons from Regina Grimaldi.  These lessons really helped me with a lot with my vocal strength.

IMR: The band recently announced Tanner Hodgkinson(Drummer) after parting ways with the former member John Kenerson, did this anyway changed the way the band played or how the band sounded?. Also, we would like to know who amongst the two gave drums for ANGELICAL TEARS (E.P)?  
Tanner joined the band after the E.P had already been released.  He was also out drummer prior to John.  John did the work in the studio and is a good drummer and a solid time keeper, but Tanner has a much more aggressive playing style that really give the band a more driving feel. The rhythm section in a band has much more to do with the band’s sounds than it is sometimes given credit for. Tanner’s style will definitely have a positive impact when we release our next CD.

IMR: Would you like to share few words about the recent shows that the band did for the ANGELICAL TEARS(E.P) launch?
We had our CD release show at the Hidden Castle in Norman, Oklahoma (go Sooners!). Lots of people there and the band did very well. You have good shows and bad shows, but this one was exceptionally good.

IMR: ANGELICAL TEARS music comprises of diversified musical styles. How do you prepare yourself for vocal delivery that ranges high to low while performing on - stage?
Of course a few warm ups here and there. That’s pretty much it.

IMR: Today most of the bands race to get themselves on bigger record labels for their musical promotion. How much you guys are satisfied after having a deal inked with the Australian record label BLUEFREYA?
Karl at BLUEFREYA is himself a musician and is  into this genre of music so he understands what we’re about. We obviously want as many people as possible to hear our music, but we are not in a huge rush to get to a big record label. We’re excited that we are getting the chance to work with BLUEFREYA and are satisfied with the relationship so far.

IMR: How has working with BLUEFREYA been in terms of promotion? Have ANGELICAL TEARS been afforded a budget to film a music video for a song taken from the E.P prior to hitting the road this fall?
BLUEFREYA  is just starting out, but has a promising future. The agreement we entered into with BLUEFREYA was for Australian distribution and promotion; funds for a video really weren’t part of the deal. We’ve been discussing the possibility of a video within the band and have been approached by people wanting to do one, but we have no definite plans as of yet.

IMR: Any plans for ANGELICAL TEARS to tour internationally or overseas with the release of bands full-length album which is scheduled for 2011 release?
We have really been humbled by the following we are starting to gain overseas (which we are tracking primarily through social media sites such as Facebook and Myspace). We would certainly love to meet our supporters outside of the U.S., so playing overseas in on our wish list and we hope we get to do so.

IMR: Thank you very much, Julia Flansburg. I just cannot wait to listen to the full-length upcoming album. Do you have any parting words for your fans at IndianMusicRevolution?
Keep listening to our music! We can’t wait to finish our new songs, so our fans can hear our growth musically.  New songs should be more aggressive, but melodic at the same time.

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

Pravin Prajapati, also the co-founder at IMR is an avid Underground Music follower. Basically, he likes listening to al the good/creative music around that can please/blast his ear drums such as Metal, Rock, Carnatic, Classical, Alternactive, Jazz, Soul, Avant-Garde, Country, Folk, New-Age and Trance.
In his free time, he loves listening music, photography, playing football and lil-bit of bird-watching. He is a psychic thinker when it comes to innovative thinking and also a crazy arguer when it comes to debate. Besides these, he is also the Founder at LUBUS(Web-Development,Graphic Designing & SoftwareDevelopment) freelancing group.  

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