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Metakix Connect & Inspire Review

Heavy Metal bombast from Bombay! Metal is truly a universal language, as one listen to this 4-piece from India makes clear. LOUD and clear, that is! With the release of "Connect & Inspire",

Lucid Recess launches website, EP Set to launch.

Lucid Recess launches official  website visit it at for more info and resources of band. The EP Carved will be released in December 2007. It will have 7 songs. The EP is recorded at Lucid Recess Studio by Siddharth Barooa and...

Jukebox By Illuminati

Bengaluru based band Illumanti released their album Jukebox.It has been recorded by Alloy Productions Bengaluru.
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The First Mutiny

'The First Mutiny: Dogmas of Indian Rock’  The first release from Bangalore-based record label DogmaTone Records  a compilation of the rock acts in the country.Priced at Rs.100/- the CD is available at  all Music World stores across...
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Vinapra's Debut Self Titled Album

Vinapra's Debut Self Titled Album will be soon releasing accross India.The album has some beautifully composed tracks whihch have flamboyant music as well as lyrics.One should not miss this album if is a hindi rock lover.Guru Brahma is one of the...
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Headlines - Metakix Debut Album (2002)

Image"HEADLINES"(2002, distributed in India by Sony Music)The debut album by the Bombay Thrashers was the immediate next step in a long chain of path-breaking achievements made by the band in the stagnant Indian Rock Scene. Since the past two...
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Connect And Inspire By Metakix

Metakix released their album Connect and Inspire. The album is available in music stores and if you still dont get it buy it online.
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