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Megahertz Delivering the Right Mix


Megahertz is a recording studio situated in Ahmedabad, India.Its an affordable and effective recording,mixing and programming solution for budding musicians,singers and bands.It started out in a small room with a diminutive arrangement and then in took shape in September 2009 when Megahertz finally came into its bona fide being.  
The Megahertz Recording studio is well equipped with latest hardware and necessary software’s to help us deliever what we promise. The alchemy of sound proofing, and the apt technicians enable us to deliever The right mix.

equipments include ESP, IBanez guitars….Digitech Gnx 4 processor, 003 Rack digidesign with pro tools 8 LE, berhinger 2442 FX analog mixer, berhinger Ultra DI 100, DI 120, SM-81 condensor Mic, SM 57,SM 58, c606, Maudio Nova, NADY Dm 90 Kick microphone, CAD 217 for overheads, Sony, Panasonic and Philip headphones.

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+91 9328181847
+91 9099013812
+91 9825016815

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We are a creative crew comprising of mainly music enthusiasts with an ultimate objective of making the music scene a much more better place for everyone. IMR is a place where we realize our passion; our reason for existence and not just a mere workplace.

However, you can collaborate with us and you can anticipate some passably great things!

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