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Interview With Alternative Rock Band Blek & Rishu Singh

Blek Interview IMR 2012

BLEK, a Mumbai based Grunge/Alternative Rock trio have been making news ever since their debut EP, HEXES+DRAMA AND OTHER REASONS FOR EVACUATION saw the light of the day. The EP was released under ENNUI.BOMB RECORDS on the 14th of February and is being followed by an extensive promotion tour, the 4-city North-East leg of which has just got done. IndianMusicRevolution got together with BLEK and Rishu Singh to get a cubic vision of their notable plunge in the Indian Music scene. IMR: Hello guys! So tell us something about the inception of BLEK. The early days. The reason you chose to call yourselves BLEK. Maybe even the days before BLEK?

topamax annpharmacy Varoon: Rishi and Jared were playing together as BLECH in their junior college/high school days. I happened to join the same college as them for my final year of graduation, while they were in their first year of graduation. Incidentally, they were looking for a new drummer around then, and I happened to meet them through a common friend. Right from the first jam session, the vibe was great and even our influences were similar. Thus BLEK was formed. As far as changing the band name from BLECH to BLEK goes: 1) the sound changed completely with the new line-up, plus all the BLECH songs were scrapped, so essentially it was a new band 2) We were too lazy to change the name completely and BLEK had a nice ring to it and 3) Rishi is a big fan of Blek le rat, who is this legendary graffiti artist.
source url Jared: What he said.

Paracetamol Codeine Buy Online IMR: Varoon, from playing for 8 bands simultaneously, rumour has it that you have finally chosen your final playgrounds. How does it feel to be part of two bands that seem to be making a large place for themselves in the Indian Music scene?
follow url Varoon: Hahaha...there’s nothing like final playgrounds for me. I have always wanted to play with as many musicians as I can, and I still want to. It’s just a question of making time I suppose. Being a part of SPLIT was huge for me, as they were one of my favourite bands from the country since school. Plus, I get to approach the drums in different ways with both the bands. Also, it’s awesome that both the bands are doing really well at the moment. One thing I can assure you is that, there lots more to come from both the bands.

zithromax tablets for sale IMR: BLEK is the first band to have released an EP under ENNUI.BOMB RECORDS, is that right? Rishu, tell us a little bit about what made ENNUI.BOMB RECORDS approach BLEK?
Buy Kamagra Jelly Uk Rishu: Yes, that is right. I have been smitten, in love with, crazy about BLEK since the first time I saw them live. They have a very fresh sound that I like to call "dance-grunge". I knew then that I wanted to work with them for sure. We got them on for some of the gigs we organized and the energy never dwindled. Then, with STUPIDITTIES V, we wanted to offer a 5-song EP deal to 5 talented young bands. Due to a lack of time on hand (importantly) and money (most importantly!), we sadly couldn’t do this. However, we did manage to sign BLEK and I think it’s been beautiful to have them as our debut artist. Speaks of awesome things to come. No?

Venta Kamagra Online IMR: About the EP. Extremely interesting, I must say. Personally, I found the title and the artwork wonderfully intriguing. Could you give us a run down about the ideology behind it? We all have our own interpretations, I certainly have mine.
go here Jared: I think the entire EP mainly talks about irrational behaviour of men towards women. You can hear it in Rishi’s vocal lines. The EP art was ideated & executed by Rishi & Ronit Sarkar. Now that you’ll know the idea behind the EP, the art & title explains itself...although, it is open to interpretation.

IMR: Where do the inspirations to the lyrics lie? Can you tell us a little about the writing and the composition?
Varoon: Well, Rishi writes all the lyrics. As far as composition goes, the three of us sit together and come up with ideas. There are songs where Jared starts a groove, and I join in or vice-versa, and we write a song around that groove. And sometimes Rishi comes up with a riff or idea and we all work on it. Lot of our songs are groove based if you’ve noticed. There are songs which get written within a couple of hours, in one session and then there are songs which take forever. Recently however we’ve started writing/finishing songs at gigs. Like we take a half done song and just jam on it impromptu at the gig. This way we get to gauge the crowd’s reaction too.

IMR: What do you remember about the recording? How was it working with Ayan De?
Varoon: It was awesome working with Ayan. We learnt a shitload from him. He helped shape our songs sonically in a big way. Also there was a certain comfort level with him, as we’d already worked with him earlier.
Jared: Ayan De really worked us. We tracked & re-tracked till he felt the recording was good enough. We’ve heard so many mixes & new versions of our songs in those months of recording. He made us change a few parts of our songs to make it sound more interesting. We are grateful for most the changes he told us to make.

IMR: Let’s talk about the EP launch gig. Anything you’d want to share about that night?
Varoon: Well the gig was awesome. We had one of our favourite bands - THE LIGHTYEARS EXPLODE playing with us.

IMR: The launch was followed by a four city North-East tour. Any anecdotes to share? How was the experience sharing the stage with local bands?
Jared: I love the North-East even more. Besides the fact that they are very nice folks, the music scene there has a life of its own, all the local bands that opened for us were tight & had their own kickass sound. You want stories? – our drummer lost his phone, we almost missed trains & flights for various interesting reasons. A very revealing tour diary will be put out soon. Stay tuned for that!

IMR: Is there a particular song that has won over the crowds? How has the general reception of the EP been over 4 cities?
Varoon: The reception of the EP was overwhelming to be honest. We sold/gave away around 300 CD's in 4 cites. We had no idea there’d be people singing the lyrics along with us there. I think FOG+STROBE was a crowd favourite in most of the places, also there were several requests for THE MONKEY SONG.
Jared: There’s no better feeling than people singing the lyrics to your songs.

What are BLEK’s plans now? An album in the offing perhaps?
Varoon: Well, we definitely want to put out an album by this year end. But apart from that we want to release singles on a regular basis.
Jared: Yup, ideally we plan to keep the momentum going. We write songs & try them out at gigs, if they stick then these songs become a part of our set. Besides, putting out singles, we’re also going to be gigging a lot more. So by the time the album comes out, it should sound very clean and have a vibe of it's own.

IMR: ENNUI.BOMB RECORDS did a wonderful job with the promotion. How would you chart out BLEK’s future, Rishu?
Rishu: Thanks Vaidehi. I’d like to let the music speak for itself. Getting that out to as many folks is the priority for us right now. Everyone needs to hear this band! And we’re trying to make that happen by putting up the EP as a "Free Download" on There’s a video in the offing for our first single FOG+STROBE and of course the Southern and the Northern legs of the BLEK tour which will see us hitting 8 to 10 more Indian cities. If people from Mumbai have missed them live so far, they can catch them at Hard Rock Cafe on the 19th. Hope to see you there!

Vaidehi Palshikar is a 24 year old commerce graduate with a Masters in French Literature. She currently works with The French International School of Mumbai. She is an avid reader of books that speak the language of 4 year old's right up to those that go deep into the existential philosophy. Photography is one of her primary passions too. As for Music, she plays the guitar for a Thane based Alternative band - CATHRSIS. She is also a trained singer but chooses to spend most of her time with her six string.

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