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Varun Kodolikar

Varun Kodolikar

Varun Kodolikar is 22 as of now and graduated in 2011 from Mumbai University. Being a Computer Engineer by profession he did not want to end up doing a '9-5' desk-job. Combining his tilt towards music and passion for writing he decided to venture into freelancing and music promotion

He got introduced to the term "Metal" in 1998 probably by the best possible band to begin with - Iron Maiden. Since then he is only been devouring bands - surviving on them. He doesn't follow a genre - he just follows good music!

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Kryptos-The Coils Of Apollyon

This was the first KRYPTOS album I got my hands on and after the very first listen I cursed myself for not giving the band the due attention and listens it deserved. The album is not just about straightforward aggressiveness but also packs a solid punch in terms of melody. What surprises more is how the band's experience and time in the scene shows on the song-writing. The way the songs are structures, placed in the album show that the guys have really put in a lot of thought into making the album a complete grenade just waiting to be dropped and explode, devouring everything in its wake. The trend of having a soft but small interlude between two heavy tracks has hit the Metal scene since long but only few bands like KRYPTOS have the knack to compose something so serene , yet connected to the rest of the album. So also the way it is placed in the track list plays an important role when you have new as well as old fans suddenly being subjected to something so different.

Interview With Matti Svatitzki Of Orphaned Land

Orphaned Land Matti Svatitzki Interview IMR

ORPHANED LAND is a Israeli Doom/Death/Progressive Metal band which spans a musical journey of more than 20 years.
Incorporating "jewish" and "arabic" influences into their lyrical landscaping - the band are the pioneers of the middle-eastern Progressive Metal genre. The striking factor lies in the fact that the band fuses traditional middle-eastern instruments with modern guitars and drums to create a completely different yet melodic sound.The band has a unique stage presence as well. With traditional jewish, muslim and christian attires, the band sends a strong message of religious harmony not just through their costumes but also their lyrical themes.


A successful relationship between great production and great musicianship is very rare. Even most of the top-league bands mess it up with being too bassy on the albums or transitions being weak. It is not an unknown fact that an album with a strong production value gets more appeal even if there are greater rival albums but with tacky production background. PROVIDENCE is a beaming example of how a bunch of talented musicians grab an equally competent producer/mixing engineer and churn out a winner. The reason I'm stressing on the production value is because the amount of Indian Metal/Rock I have been subjected too lately lacks badly in terms of production value. Bands do have to face financial hurdles when they are in their early stages and access to good studios in developing countries can be a problem, but it is certainly no excuse to let your musical talent be scorned at just because it is not good on the ear. The situation is definitely changing with more and more Indian bands reaching out to better studios (even international) and PROVIDENCE achieves their crisp sound from SKYHARBOR’s acclaimed musician and india’s first "Djentleman" – Keshav Dhar who has mixed/produced their EP.

Chimp Spanner-All Roads Lead Here(E.P)

CHIMP SPANNER never lets you down – be it the musically diverse and rebellious AT THE DREAMS EDGE or the latest offering ALL ROADS LEAD HERE. As a listener, I always wanted and imagined music breaking the barriers of genre – how bands would one day come up with music that is just impossible to classify into a particular genre. Something that music lovers could just absorb, and find something new to savor with every listen, relate to their own taste.


13 will never be an unlucky number again! MEGADETH’s 13th studio LP record literally tames the unlucky. Thirteen tracks on the record, thirteen candles on the artwork(CD cover) – the first look of it makes you realize you are up for a treat. Most bands have a linear quality graph and MEGADETH stands out in the crowd. Their ENDGAME was a benchmark and TH1RT3EN is a perfect successor to this success story. Outstanding production and sticking to Old School Metal roots makes it the perfect blend of mindless thrash and fast paced melodic rollercoaster. The album packs elements from CRYPTIC WRITINGS to KILLING IS MY BUSINESS which makes it fit for almost another decade to come.

Five Finger Death Punch-American Capitalist

Love them, Hate them – they will be going with evil grins to their bank accounts. Three albums old and these guys have made a mark and probably a new genre in the Metal scene. Touted as “modern metallers” , their approach focuses on mainstream melody packed with realist lyrics and quintessential Metal elements. So, let's get into AMERICAN CAPITALIST as of now!



Last year saw the rise of this very unique band from USA. Their debut LP, AQUARIUS stunned critics and masses alike with the seemless progression and extreme rhythmic highs and lows. Many listeners initially called them DREAM THEATER with a different drummer but their AQUARIUS proved everyone wrong. They made an album and stuffed in a solid punch with their soothing yet solid vocals and versatile drum rudiments.

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